What Is GED?

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What Is GED?:

GED stands for General Educational Development. You may have heard people refer to the GED as the General Educational Diploma or the General Equivalency Diploma, but these are incorrect. GED is actually the process of earning the equivalent of your high school diploma, which is called a GED certificate or credential, if you pass the GED Test offered by GED Testing Service.

As of January 1, 2014, there are two other approved tests in the United States that award a high school equivalency diploma or certificate:

No matter which of the three tests you take, earning your high school equivalency certificate is a chance to feel a great sense of accomplishment. It's the path to college.

GED Requirements by State

What Is Involved?:

GED candidates are required to study for, take, and pass tests that measure high-school level skills and knowledge.

The time involved depends on lots of factors, some of which are:

  • Your last completed year of school
  • How long it has been since you left school
  • Your life experience since leaving school
  • Your available study time
  • Possible learning disabilities

Passing the GED test and being awarded a GED certificate is just as much a reason to celebrate as high school graduation, and it opens as many doors.

How Do You Prepare?:

There are lots of resources available to help you prepare and practice for your GED test. Learning centers around the country offer classes and practice testing. Online companies also offer help, although it is important to remember that you cannot take your GED tests online. In 2009, 11 states are testing the possibility of an online GED test.

You'll find lots of books to help you study for your GED test at your local library and/or bookseller. Talk to your librarian or ask for assistance at the book counter.

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Where Do You Take Your Tests?:

There are over 2,800 authorized GED testing centers around the world. The easiest way to find the center nearest you, if you have access to the Internet, is to plug your zip code into the search engine at the American Council on Education. You'll get a list of the centers closest to you.

If you don't have access to the Internet, the phone book always works. Look under Educational Centers, Services, or Consultants.

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