What Is "Kedo" in Japanese?

"Kedo" (sometimes "keredo") is a particle that follows a clause. It translates into "but."


Kore wa chiisai desu kedo, 
omoi desu.

This is small, but heavy.
Yonda kedo, wakarimasen deshita. 
I read it, but I didn't understand it.

In many cases when "kedo" is used at the end of a sentence, the original meaning "but" fades away, and it simply functions as a softener to avoid an abrupt remark.

Yakyuu ga suki desu ka. 
Do you like baseball?
Hai, suki desu kedo. 
Yes, I like it.

When making a phone call and identifying yourself, "kedo" is often used as a softener.

Tanaka desu kedo.
This is Tanaka.