What is Long Pimpled Rubber, and Why Do People Use Long Pips?

What is Long Pimpled Rubber?

The name "long pimples" pretty much gives it away. Long pimpled rubber is a table tennis rubber that has pimples, or pips, coming out from the surface of the rubber. This pimples are much longer than the traditional short pimples that are popular for flat-hitting attackers. The actual length of the pimples can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so what one person calls long pimples another may call only medium pimples.
The overall effect of medium pimples is the same as long pimples but just less pronounced, so you can extend this guide to medium pimpled rubbers as well. Sponge rubber may or may not be used underneath the topsheet.

Why do People use Long Pimpled Rubber?

Long pimples is used by players of a variety of styles, but overall there are three main reasons why long-pimples is used:
  • To provide good control of the ball regardless of what shot your opponent makes;
  • To provide variation in the behavior of the ball in comparison to strokes made with the normal rubber that is typically on the other side of the bat;
  • To allow the user of long pimples to turn or 'twiddle' the bat in his hand and make his opponent incorrectly guess which side of the bat was used, thus forcing a poor return.

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