What is PHP?

Definition of the Term PHP


PHP is a recursive abbreviation that stands for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.” It is called a recursive abbreviation because the first word is the same as the abbreviation. It is something of an internet in joke. There are many abbreviations like that, including GNU (GNU is not Unix) and PINE (Pine is not Elm).

PHP is found on most web servers and is used by developers to create dynamic and database driven websites.

It is a server-side scripting langunage that is typically embedded into HTML pages to add features that HTML can't do by itself. In order to run PHP, you need to have a web server with it installed. Talk to your hosting provider if you're not sure. How to Know if You Have PHP

What Can You Do with PHP?

PHP has a lot of uses. It is most often used to interact with databases to make websites more dynamic. But it can also do calculations and conversions, work with dates and times, collect information in forms, manipulate the look of the page, and even create graphics on the fly. The best thing about PHP is how versatile it is. Ten Cool Things To Do With PHP


pee aitch pee - (abbreviation)

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