What is Sex Magic?

Question: What is Sex Magic?


Modern western magical practices, at their most basic, involve tapping into kind of energy source and shaping and directing it via willpower. Available energy sources are numerous: the Cosmic Consciousness, spirits or deities, the natural world, other planes of existence, and one's own life force, for just a sample. This energy can be also tapped or generated in a variety of ways, from rigid, calculated ritual to ecstatic chanting and dancing.

Sex is one of the ways magicians can generate energy for their workings, and the result is commonly called sex magic.

Releasing Energy Via Orgasm

There are two main approaches to sex magic. The first is generating energy through the sex act, which is focused through concentration and released toward the desired outcome at orgasm.

Retention of Energy by Deferring Orgasm

The second approach to sex magic involves performance of a sex act but withholding from orgasm. This allows energy to build up and be retained within the practitioner. Such energy is often directed toward goals of personal transformation.

Types of Sex Acts Involved

Sex magic can be integrated into pretty much any kind of sex act, including heterosexual sex, homosexual set, group sex, sexual acts without intercourse, and masturbation.

When the sex involves multiple people, all participants may or may not be actively involved in the magical aspect of the act.

However, it should go without saying that all participants must consenting participants of the sex act itself.

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