Apocalypse: What is the Apocalypse? Does the Bible Predict an Apocalyptic End?

What is the Apocalypse?:

The term apocalypse technically refers to writings about secret teachings and the end times, but in popular vernacular it has also come to describe actual cataclysmic events themselves, in which good and evil battle each other for the last time — and of course the forces of evil lose and everyone is judged for a final time. It may also be used to describe any devastating event generally, such as an apocalyptic war.

Where Does the Term Apocalypse Come From?:

The term apocalypse is derived from the Greek word apokaluptein, which means “to uncover or disclose.” It first appeared as the title of the Christian book Apocalypse of John, or Book of Revelation, but has subsequently been applied to both Christian and Jewish literature.

What is Apocalyptic Literature?:

The label “apocalyptic literature” refers to early Christian and Jewish writing between 250 BCE and 200 CE which focuses upon dreams and visions of the future, secrets of the cosmos, and revelations from God about the ultimate fate of the world or humanity. There is thus a strong link between apocalyptic literature and prophetic literature, with the line between the two not always sharp. Most apocalyptic writing is anonymous or pseudonymous.

What Are Apocalyptic Teachings?:

The purpose of apocalyptic schools of thought is to attempt to “uncover” hidden information in scriptures about what God has planned for the destiny of humanity — in particular regarding the final conflict between good and evil.

Apocalyptic teachings reassure people that current troubles may be the result of the power of evil in the world, but all of this happens according to God’s plan. In the end, God will prevail and evil will lose.