T5 (Statement of Investment Income)

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A T5, or Statement of Investment Income, is prepared and issued by organizations that pay interest, dividends or royalties. It tells you and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) how much investment income you earned for a given tax year. Use T5s in preparing and filing your Canadian income taxes.

Other tax information slips include:

  • T4 - Statement of Remuneration Paid
  • T4A - Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and Other Income
  • T4A(OAS) - Statement of Old Age Security
  • T4A(P) - Statement of Canada Pension Plan Benefits
  • T4E - Statement of Employment Insurance and Other Benefits
  • T4RSP - Statement of RRSP Income

For more information on T5s, see T5 Tax Slips.

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