What Is the Wheelmobile?

Wheelmobile. Courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment

The Wheelmobile is a bright yellow Winnebago that travels across the United States in search of contestants for Wheel of Fortune.

When the Wheelmobile makes a scheduled stop, all those in attendance are able to fill out a Wheel of Fortune contestant application form. Then, forms are drawn at random as people are called up in small groups to play the game and solve puzzles. No cash is awarded for these mock games, but prizes such as branded swag are available.

Interviews are also conducted for those whose applications are selected.

Everyone who is called up to play is also evaluated as a potential contestant on the show. Those who make a good impression on the casting crew are invited to California for an audition. Keep in mind that you will be footing the bill for all travel expenses, lodging, and food for your audition, so only accept the invitation if you're serious about wanting to be a contestant.

Wheelmobile Schedule

The Wheelmobile schedule is not published anywhere, but you can sign up to be alerted when it's headed to your city. Visit the Wheel of Fortune website and submit the form to qualify for this service. Please note, however, that they don't guarantee that an alert will be sent out to everyone who wants one.

The best way to know if the Wheelmobile is scheduled to stop in your area is to watch the show on a local affiliate. Stops are almost always announced several times, and may also be included in local news coverage on television and in the newspapers.

Things to Keep In Mind

If you're going to a Wheelmobile event, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Oftentimes there are thousands of people in attendance. Since applications are drawn at random to play the games, your chances might be slim in getting called up.
  • Being invited to audition in L.A. is not confirmation that you'll be on the show - you'll still have to go through the entire audition process to qualify.
  • If you do get called up to play Wheelmobile games, remember that you're being evaluated. Keep up the excitement and put your best foot forward.

So, if you've ever wanted to play Wheel of Fortune, meet Pat and Vanna, and have the chance to win up to a million dollars, keep your eye out for the Wheelmobile! You never know when it will be in your area.

Alternate Spellings: Wheel Mobile