What Is Your Spiritual Name?

Names of Archangels Reflect Their Purpose - What's Yours?

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You can think of your spiritual name as a way of describing the unique ways you can contribute to the world, just like the angels' names describe the distinctive ways that they contribute. VCL/Spencer Rowell/Getty Images

Only God knows how many angels exist; there are so many that they're likely innumerable by human beings. But some of the most powerful -- the archangels -- have names, thanks to the people they visited in ancient times who wanted to identify them. Those names reflect the angels' spiritual purpose (the unique ways God designed them to contribute to the world). Famous archangels can inspire you to fulfill your unique life purpose by discovering your own "spiritual name."

Archangels' Names Correspond to their Specialties

When people named the angels, they usually used the suffix "el" (which means "in God") to honor the fact that God made and empowered angels. Then people constructed the rest of each angel's name to reflect a certain meaning.

What's particularly interesting to note is that most of the angels' names represent the type of work they do in the world. Consider the angel Raphael, for instance. His name means "God heals," because Raphael often works on God-given healing assignments, helping people who are suffering in body, mind, or spirit. Or, consider God's top angel, Michael. Since he is often engaged in the battle between good and evil, the meaning of his name ("Who is like God?") offers a challenge to those who doubt God's supreme power. The angel Gabriel, whom God assigns to deliver challenging messages, has a name that means "God is my strength." That serves as an encouragement to people that they can respond to the challenges that Gabriel presents to them without fear, because God will give them the strength they need to do so.

How About You?

You probably use either your legal name or your nickname to identify yourself to other people. But have you ever considered what your spiritual name is? You can think of your spiritual name as a way of describing the unique ways you can contribute to the world, just like the angels' names describe the distinctive ways that they contribute.

It isn't hard to figure out what your spiritual name may be. First, just reflect on your God-given interests and talents. What do you most enjoy doing? What do you do best? Once you've identified those interests and talents that come naturally to you, pray about them, asking God to help you understand how they point toward his ultimate purpose for your life. Keep in mind that God's most important value is love, so love will play a key part in every person's purpose -- including yours. Ask God to guide you to discover how to use the interests and talents he has given you to bring more love into the world.

Next, consider the opportunities God has given you to serve others, and how you can use your unique abilities to do so best. What are some specific needs you notice that match your interests and talents? How could you help meet certain needs that you especially care about? How could you use your personal strengths to solve problems and give others hope in the process? A valuable resource to help you answer those questions is your guardian angel. That angel (or angels, since some people may have more than one) is so close to you that he or she (or they) know you better than you know yourself.

Guardian angels love to send specific guidance; all you have to do is ask.

Finally, take action! Follow the angels' example of accepting God's assignments to help make this world a better place. Imagine what important work would be left undone if angels said "no" to God's requests. The loss to the world would be tragic! Just like angels, you have God-given work to do -- assignments designed especially for you -- and if you don't act on those assignments, the world will be worse off because of it. So go ahead and make the world a better place through your unique contributions!

Once you get to know your spiritual name, you'll become a powerful force for good in the world -- just like archangels are -- and you can fulfill your life purpose in the process.

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