How To Interpret Jeep Codes, What Jeep Codes Mean

What does your jeep code mean?

2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Lynnette Walczak

What's a CJ5? Or an XJ? How are these codes interpreted to represent various models of Jeeps? 

While Jeep owners would likely tell you, "If you don't already know, then it's not important." The truth is, even diehards had to learn how to interpret these codes for the first time. Here are the production codes that Jeep uses to differentiate between its civilian models and their years of production: 

CJCiviJeep or civilian jeep


Round headlights 
CJ-2"Agrijeep" flat fender, low hood CJ's with L-134 engine1948

214,760 produced

  '45-'49flat fender, low hood, "Willys" embossed on the hood sides and windshield frame 

132,000 produced

  '46-'53flat fender, low hood with one-piece windshield design and a vent just below it 

155,000 produced


flat front fender, high profile hood with F-134 engine 

611,000 produced


the first V-8 in a short-wheelbase utility vehicle1973; 1974; 1975;1978; 1979; 1984
CJ-5A  based on the M38A1 design 

50,000 produced


20 extra inches of wheelbase than a CJ-51973; 1975
CJ-6A  based on the M38A1 design 

379,000 produced


extra wheelbase allowed for wider variety of drivetrain modifications 1976; 1979; 1983;1984; 1985; 1986

28,000 produced

'81-'86"Scrambler" - 103-inch wheelbase pickup with lots of rear overhang1981


Front end and drive-line from the Willy's Station Wagon; rear fenders from Jeep 
DJ Dispatch or delivery jeep


Basic postal truck AMC 2WD 
FCForward Control Trucks


Dual rear wheels; heavy duty suspension and brakes; vertical cutout grille; round 
SJFull Size


Full-size Grand Wagoneers, full size Cherokees, full size trucks 
C-101Jeepster/ Commando


Part Jeep CJ and part Jeep Wagoneer 
MJComanche '84-'91Compact pickup, Cherokee front clip  
XJCherokee/ Wagoneer'84-Uni-body construction 
YJWrangler '87-'95Square headlights; lower and wider than the CJ1990; 1991; 1995;1996; 
ZJGrand Cherokee'93-'98Uni-Body construction1994; 1997; 1998
TJWrangler '97-Round headlights, turn signals on front fenders1997; 2000; 2002
WJGrand Cherokee'99-More rounded than the ZJ 
KJLiberty '02-Uniframe body; very upright profile