What to Bring With You When You Go Ice Skating

Get Ready to Glide

Going ice skating takes some advance planning. Listed below are the things you need to bring with you to an ice skating rink.

Gloves or Mittens

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Ice skating rinks are cold, so every ice skater needs gloves or mittens. In addition to keeping hands warm, gloves or mittens will protect a skater's hands if he or she falls down on the ice. Thin or inexpensive gloves work most of the time, so the thick padded gloves used for skiing or playing in the snow are usually not necessary.

Pants or Leggings (No Shorts or Street Dresses or Jeans)

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Even if it's warm outside, an indoor ice rink will be freezing. Don't plan to go ice skating while wearing shorts or street dresses. It is best to wear comfortable pants that move and stretch, so jeans are not recommended. It is not necessary to dress up in ​figure skating dresses for recreational ice skating.   

Light Jacket, Sweater, or Sweatshirt

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When you ice skate, your body will move around a lot, so a very heavy jacket is usually not needed. A light fleece, sweatshirt, warm-up type jacket, or sweater may be all that is necessary to keep you warm, but if a rink is especially cold, consider dressing in layers. For example, a light jacket or sweater could be worn under a heavier jacket at first. Then, when you begin to feel a bit warm, remove the heavy jacket.

Hat and Scarf (Optional)

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Depending on how cold it is inside an ice rink, it may be a good idea to wear a knit hat over your head and wrap a scarf around your neck. Make sure the scarf is not too long or is tucked inside your shirt, sweater, or jacket.

Helmet (Optional)

young ice skater with a helmet
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It is recommended that new ice skaters, especially young children, wear a helmet during their first experiences on ice skates. Helmets will also keep young skaters' heads warm.

Long Sleeved Shirt or Turtleneck

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Even if you wear a light sweater or jacket, it is wise to wear a long sleeve shirt when you ice skate.


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Be sure to bring socks with you to the ice rink. The socks you wear with ice skates should not be too thick, since thick socks will be uncomfortable inside ice skates.

Your Own Ice Skates (If You Have Them)

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Don't worry if you don't own your own pair of ice skates. Almost all ice skating rinks have ice skates, either figure skates or ice hockey skates, available for rent. Skate rental is not expensive and usually costs $2 to $3 a pair, but keep in mind that rental skates may not be as comfortable as your own skates.


Children Playing in the Snow
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Be sure to bring your camera with you when you go ice skating. You'll want to record the fun time you will have and remember the smiles and laughter that took place at the rink!

Healthy Snack and Drink

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Ice skating uses up a lot of energy. Be sure to bring a healthy snack with you to the ice rink. Some ice arenas have a snack bar or vending machines, but not all skating rinks have food for purchase available. Also, ice skating can make you thirsty, so bringing bottled water or another type of drink to an ice arena may be a wise idea.

Cash, Change, or Credit Cards

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Almost all ice skating rinks charge admission even if you bring your own ice skates. Plan on paying anywhere from $3 to $10 for a public skating session or open ice skating session. In addition, you may need change for the vending machines or for the lockers that can be used to lock up your valuables while you enjoy ice skating.