Deciding What to Paint When You're Uninspired

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If feeling uninspired to paint, I turn to words instead. I find a song lyric or a sentence or even just a single word. Writing those words down, carry them to my studio and tape them up on the wall. Then just play around with the paint while thinking of the words. It often leads me to new ideas to explore and soon it gets me out of my rut and back to creativity.
Tip from: Cindy Davis.

Every professional learns to set aside time to do the work.

Hemingway said it was better to sit at the typewriter and stare than find something else to do because the typewriter will still be there when you get back. Put in the time. Paint the common things around you. Learn to really see the world you live in and the desire to capture or interpret will lead you where you want to do.
Tip from: Jon Rader Jarvis.

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