What to Wear to Your Private School Interview?

How to dress for success

What should I wear to my private school interview
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When you're applying to private school, there are a lot of things to keep track of: application pieces, interview schedules, and important deadlines. But did you also know that what you wear to your school visit and private school interview matters? 

It's true. At many private schools, your attention to detail and respect for dress code is important. Fear not, though! Here are five questions to ask yourself when deciding on what to wear to your private school interview, ensuring that you can dress for success.

1. Does the School Have a Dress Code?

While it's highly unlikely that a private school will require you to adhere to their dress code or uniform standards, you can get a leg up on your competition by taking these guidelines into account. For example, if you know that the school doesn't allow flip flops, sneakers or work boots, don't show up to your interview wearing them. Same goes for skirt lengths, tie and/or jacket requirements and sweatshirts. Put your best foot forward and adhere to their guidelines to help leave a good impression.

2. Do My Clothes Fit?

This may seem obvious, but sometimes we overlook the importance of wearing properly fitted clothing. The private school interview can be stressful to begin with, and sitting there in a jacket that's too tight and uncomfortable, spending the afternoon tugging at a shirt that doesn’t fit right or dealing with pants that are too long and drag on the ground won’t make it any easier.

Schools often have rules about wearing properly fitted clothing, too (remember our first question?). Plus, clothing that's too big can make you look sloppy. 

3. Will My Shoes Hurt My Feet?

Not only do you need to think about what kind of shoes to wear, but also make sure they are comfortable. Brand new shoes that you’ve never worn before can leave you in an uncomfortable situation.

Squeezing into too small shoes or tripping over boots that are too big will likely leave you feeling flustered. Especially if you are applying to a boarding school, a campus tour is often part of your interview, and you may have to walk from building to building. While you're out and about, you don't want to deal with squeaky shoes, slippery soles or blisters.  

4. Should I Wear Accessories? Are Hats Acceptable to Wear?

You want to show your personality when you visit and interview, so if you're someone who always wears a scarf or won't leave home without your trusty baseball cap, then stay true to who you are. However, don't go overboard with the accessories and remember to always take your hat off indoors, a rule that most schools actively enforce for students. When it comes to accessories, make good choices. Don't wear dozens of bangles or jingly earrings that will make noise constantly as you move. These sounds can be distracting to you and those around you, and take away from the admission officer truly getting to know you. Plus, some schools have dress code guidelines that limit the types of accessories, hair styles (including hair color), tattoos, piercings, and even makeup choices.

Again, refer to what the school's dress code when making your decision.

5. Can I Wear My Signature Scent?

This is one area where less is often more, meaning it's ok to sparingly spritz yourself with your usual perfume or cologne, but moderation is key. It can be overwhelming to your interviewer to sit in a room with you to talk when your choice of perfume or body sprays is heavy. Err on the side of caution and use just a little, or skip it altogether to be safe. You don't want the only impression you leave behind to be the lingering scent of your cologne. 

If you're still unsure of what to wear to your interview, call the admission office and ask what they recommend. Good luck!

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