What Type of Headlight Bulb Is This

Identify Your Common Headlight Bulb

A new bulb type 9006
Type 9006 Headlight Bulb. courtesy Sylvania

Have you visited the bulb replacement section in your local auto parts store recently? It's often an entire wall of bulb choices! Figuring our which bulb you need to replace your dead headlight can be a little tough, to say the least. Sure, there is that difficult to navigate electronic bulb selection thing hanging on the wall, but if they even remembered to change the batteries, figuring out what that box is stalling is a real challenge.

To be fair, you can always ask for help at the parts counter, where they can look up your vehicle on the computer and guide you to the right bulb. But what about all of those bulbs that you have in your garage from the last 10 times you changed a bulb, or the bulbs sitting in your glove compartment? I'm sure you forgot which light each of those fits. That's where a visual bulb chart could come in really handy. Voila! 

Common Headlight Bulb ID Chart So you pulled a bad headlight bulb out of your car and you need to find a replacement. Is it a 9004, a 9006? Is it halogen or a primitive type of bulb? Whether you're walking into the auto parts store or ordering a new bulb online, it will help to know what part to ask for and what it should look like when it's handed to you. Use this common headlight bulb guide to help you with your bulb.

Remember, when you're replacing a headlight bulb, it's important to avoid touching the glass part of the bulb with your bare hand.

The small amount of grease that is on your fingertips can cause the bulb to overheat, resulting in early failure. Handling the bulb with a paper towel until you are actually installing it will prevent this. 

Disposing of Used Headlight Bulbs

The question is thrown about all the time: Can you recycle a bulb?

The answer should be yes, and in a few cases not relevant to the automotive world there are some recyclable bulbs, but sadly the bulbs in your headlights and turn signals are destined for the landfill. Most recycling centers don't accept bulbs, which leaves no alternative but to toss them directly into the trash can. A very industrious and determined person could take the bulb apart to recycle it, separating the glass from the metal inside before they put it in the recycling bin, but I don't suggest it. The odds of slicing your hand open trying to save he world from one bulb are too high, in my opinion, to justify using tools to dismantle a blown light bulb at home. 

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