The Different Types and What They Do

DJ performing on rooftoop
 Peathegee/Getty Images

There are different kinds of DJs, and they all have different roles. Here is a look at the different types of DJs, what they do, and how they are different today from yesterday.

  • DJ - DJ is short for deejay or disc-jockey. In the UK, a DJ is better known as a "presenter". A DJ is a person who plays songs on the Radio and provides chatter, information and other content between them."
  • Party DJ - A Party DJ is DJ who is hired to provide music and often times chatter relevant to the event. The Party DJ dpes not broadcast on the radio but has adapted many of the techniques developed by DJs on-the-radio for handling vinyl recordings, CD, or digital files and how to professionally mix the audio. Party DJs also employe tactics created by Club DJs.
  • Club DJ - Club DJs are very well versed in mixing music to motivate the club goers to dance and drink. Very successful Club DJs can amass real fan followings. Club DJs have historically been on the leading edge innovation when it come sto leveraging the equipment they have for the best new sounds and memorable effects.
  • Virtual DJ - Have you ever wanted to be the Club DJ? Think you would be pretty good at mixing CDs, mp3s, scratching records and making it all sound pretty good? Here is your chance. There are several really great "virtual" online turntable setups - just waiting for you to step up and turn them on.
  • Internet DJ - The Internet DJ functions similarly to the traditional DJ by putting a voice on a station's musically format. Some Internet radio stations are formatted very tightly but others still provide incentive the DJ to pick his own music and create his own show.