What Was That Unexplained Fog or Smoke?

Woman in foggy living room
Anthony Harvie/Getty Images

"My husband and I witnessed a strange phenomenon," says Kelly. "We were sitting in our living room. Just then a puff of smoke or fog rushed between us, stopped in front of our faces, swirled up, and quickly vanished. I asked him, 'Did you see that?' He responded, 'Yes, but I don't know what that was!'

We don't smoke... no open windows. It came out of nowhere. To me it was definitely a spirit. My husband lost his grandmother at the end of October; he was really close with her. I wonder if it was her telling us she's in the afterlife. I would like to know, but I'm not willing to do something to cause my family harm."

Kelly, this is a very peculiar experience indeed. If you smoked or were outdoors, we might be able to come up with a rational explanation of either smoke, fog or mist. But the fact that it happened unexpectedly in your home with no open windows makes this a real mystery. Also, the way you described that it moved, stopping right between you and in front of your faces before disappearing makes it sound as if it were under intelligent control. Although we cannot conclude with certainty that this was ghost phenomena, we certainly cannot dismiss it either. There may be no way of knowing for sure.

I think you can put your mind at ease, however. There was nothing in the encounter to indicate that it was harmful or in any way threatening. If it was a ghost or spirit, it was just letting you know it was there.

This might have been a one-time, isolated incident. You may never see it again or experience other paranormal phenomena in your home. But if you do experience other phenomena, they could be further evidence for ghosts or a haunting. Again, I doubt very much that it is harmful. You have nothing to fear.

Note: Your description of the fog reminded me of this video.