What's a Good MCAT Score?

Average MCAT Scores for the Top Medical Schools

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What's a good MCAT score? Funny you should ask. There are thousands of medical school applicants asking that very same question right about now and some of them are even seeking out the answers to a few of these MCAT Score Frequently Asked Questions. Are you one of them? If so, keep reading!

To answer this current question, you should know that your MCAT score can range anywhere from a 118 (low) to a 132 (killer) on any of the four multiple-choice sections below:

  1. Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems
  2. Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems
  3. Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior 
  4. Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS)

Your total score can rank anywhere from a 472 to a 528 total because the total scores are simply the sum of the multiple choice test scores. These scores listed are for the current version of the test, however. Some of you may recall the previous version of the MCAT test, where each section provided a score ranging from 1 to 15 for a total possible score anywhere between 3 (did not study at all or actually wake up long enough to answer a question correctly) to 45 (Holy smokes! Maybe someone should elect you president).

MCAT Percentile Ranks

Let's say, arbitrarily, that a good MCAT score is one that falls somewhere in the 90th percentile or above. In many schools, in order to get an "A," you have to earn a 90% or higher, right?

(Yes, we know that some school's standards are even higher than that and you have to earn a 92% to even get an A-. We're speaking in generalities, here.) It just makes sense. If that is our standard of measurement, then a good MCAT score—at least one that would get an "A" in a traditional school—would fall somewhere between a 513 and a 528.


Here are the "good" MCAT scores, if we're talking about 90th percentile and above. For these statistics as reported by AAMC, N = 64,504.

Total ScorePercentile Rank


Average MCAT Scores for the Top 10 Medical Schools

Your definition of a "good" MCAT score might not have anything to do with percentiles. You may believe that a good MCAT score has more to do with the school to which you would possibly get accepted if you applied. 

Well, here is some MCAT score info based on that criteria. 

See the table below for the average MCAT scores of 10 of the country's most illustrious medical schools, as ranked by US News and World Report. The scores are either as reported by the medical schools themselves, or as listed by US News. Only one of the medical schools posted both old and current version of the MCAT scores, while the others posted only old scores. Any column left blank meant that no more information was available. You may also want to check out average MCAT scores for medical schools ranked 11 - 25.

 Average MCAT Scores for Accepted Students
 Medical SchoolBBFLCARSCPBSPSBBAverage Total Score New Format Verbal  Physical  Biological   Average Total Score Old Format 
 Harvard129.85128.89129.22129.37517.33 10.6512.3912.3335.44
 University of Pennsylvania     11131338
 Johns Hopkins     11131236
 University of California – San Francisco     11121234
 Washington University – St. Louis     11131438
 University of Washington     10101131
 University of Michigan     11121235
 Yale     11131236
 Duke University     12121337
 Columbia University     12121236