A Guide to Monday Night Television Dramas

Between Monday Night Football and reality shows Dancing With the Stars and The Voice, Mondays are packed with more than enough drama to make it worth missing that big game!
Brennan (Emily Deschanel, L) and Booth (David Boreanaz, R) are surprised at what they find when they examine a sarcophagus in the BONES episode
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CBS may have given birth to the 'forensic drama' genre, but Fox raised the bar with this drama loosely based on a the real-life forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs. On the television series, Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan (the character inspired by Reichs) works in the Medico-Legal lab at Jeffersonian Institute in Washington, D.C. and often assists FBI Agent Seeley Booth of the FBI’s Homicide Investigations Unit to solve their most difficult and allusive cases. And of course, the romance between Bones and Booth is easily one of the show's most important (and intriguing) storylines. More »
90210 Cast
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We fell in love with the zip code back in the '90s and while the Peach Pit gang has moved on with their lives, the next generation has taken over the zip. The series centers around another group of 90210'ers as they delve into adulthood. With no parents around to lead the way (the only set left the show a couple of seasons ago), the kids have been forced to grow up real fast -- some are attending college, one owns a bar, the other a movie studio (where porn films used to be made), a couple are launching music careers and the one relative from the original series (Kelly Taylor's sister, Silver) gave up on her dream of going to film school at NYU to stick around the zip with her friends.
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9:00 PM - 'The Mob Doctor' (Fox)

The Mob Doctor
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Dr. Grace Devlin was an up and coming promising thoracic surgeon when her life is completely turned upside down after learning that the mob is after her brother for his enormous gambling debt. Fearing for his life, Grace agrees to pay off his debt by becoming a doctor for the mob... for the rest of her life.

9:00 PM - 'Gossip Girl' (the CW)

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Have you ever wondered how the most spoiled teens in New York City live their lives? Wonder no more and step into a world where having money has allowed a group of spoiled teens to rule the Upper East Side and pretend to be adults. You have your Queen Bee and her rivals, the bad boy and of course, the golden boy -- and someone who has been spilling all their dirty little secrets for years.

10:00 PM - 'Castle' (ABC)

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When bestselling crime novelist Richard Castle finds that a serial killer is intimidating the crimes from his books, he joins forces with the police department to hunt down the killer. As a result, Castle is often asked to work with the NYPD to solve unusual crimes alongside the beautiful detective Kate Beckett. As the series has progressed, Beckett and Castle develop feelings for each other. In addition, the series has also spawned a series of books written by the fictitious character Richard Castle.

10:00 PM - 'Hawaii Five-O' (CBS)

Hawaii 5-0 Cast
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The classic crime drama from the '70s returns in this reboot about a small group of cops who are asked to form a federalized task force in an effort to rid the beautiful island of Hawaii from the various drug lords and other criminal elements that seem to flood the area.

10:00 PM - 'Revolution' (NBC)

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Imagine a life without computers, cell phones, iPads and every other basic convenience brought to use through the use of electricity. Fifteen years ago, someone pulled the plug and the electricity went out all over the planet. With no working government, militia groups have formed, the most deadly being the Monroe Republic. When her father is murdered and her brother kidnapped, Charlie Matheson seeks out help from her uncle Miles in hopes of finding her brother. Together, they trek across the country and must fight for their lives along the way. Is the power really gone for good? Not exactly...
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