What's on TV Thursday Nights - A Guide to Thursday Night Television Dramas

Thursday has always been one of the most competitive nights of television and these days, there is an eclectic mix of dramas, comedies, and reality programming - there is something for everyone!

8:00 PM - 'Last Resort' (ABC)

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When a nuclear sub ignores suspicious orders to launch a missile at Pakistan, the crew aboard the sub are forced to flee to a ​NATO island and become fugitive of the very country they were bravely serving.

8:00 PM 'Glee' (Fox)

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It's the show that made the musical drama genre popular... follows a group of high school (and now college/post-grad) students who joined the glee club and after three years finally won the national championship. Covering some of the most popular music from every decade, the entertainment on this series rarely fails to disappoint. The romantic entanglements are realistic and often as engaging as the music on the show.

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The long-running medical drama follows the lives of interns who have now become attending surgeons at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. Through the years, Meredith Grey, Alex Karev and Cristina Yang have weathered their share of storms, made many mistakes and had their share of good and bad times. They have now paid their dues and have moved on to the next stage in their lives. Now on the same level as their mentors, it's their turn to teach a new set of interns how to be strong, competent doctors. More »

CBS - 'Person of Interest'
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Television mastermind J.J. Abrams brings viewers something a little different to the slate -- a drama about an eccentric billionaire who created a software program that uses pattern recognition to identify people about to be involved in violent crimes. He teams up with a highly skilled, presumed dead CIA agent and together (along with some help from the local police force) they hunt down the potential victims before any harm can come to them. More »

10:00 PM - 'Scandal' (ABC)

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Have you ever wondered why some celebrities never seem to get bad press, while some tend to always be in the spotlight? Many don't realize that the majority of news stories are leaked to the press by publicity reps who know how to spin a story to get their client as much exposure as possible. When a celebrity/politician don't want the press to get a hold of something or they have been involved in an incident that could potentially ruin them, they hire a crisis management consultant to fix a situation. We often don't even know something bad has happened because these people are experts. Olivia Pope does her job better than anyone else and this series follows this strong-willed woman as she navigates through big cases and even bigger clients through some shocking events that could easily end their careers... including her own.

  • Interview with Liza Anderson - one of Hollywood's Leading Publicists

10:00 PM - 'Elementary' (CBS)

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We grew up hearing the tales of the infamous Sherlock Holmes and seen the recent blockbuster movies, but CBS has taken the tale a bit further in this version. Sherlock Holmes has moved to New York City and has just come off a stint in rehab. Accompanied by a sober companion in the form of Watson -- Joan Watson, the first Watson character to be a woman in the tale. In NYC, Sherlock assists police chief Tony Gregson with difficult cases that require a more unusual approach in the entertaining crime drama.

8:00 PM - 'The Vampire Diaries' (The CW)

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The beautiful town of Mystic Falls has hidden a deep, dark secret for centuries -- it has vampires, werewolves and powerful witches. When Stefan and Damon Salvatore come to town, Elena Gilbert's life takes a dramatic change and thus one of television's most entertaining love triangle's are formed. Now a vampire herself, Elena still struggles between which brother she wants to be with and eventually one will win out over the other.