What's on TV Tuesday Nights - A Guide to Tuesday Night Television Dramas

Tuesday night may not be the most exciting night of television if you're looking for non-stop action dramas. Reality TV fans have numerous choices with Result show, The Voice and of course, all those comedies on NBC, Fox, and ABC.

8:00 PM - 'NCIS' (CBS)

'Weather Girl' - 2009 Sundance Portrait Session
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Strap yourself in and join the good fight with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), the Major Case Response Team whose job it is to protect the soldiers and the families of the Marine and Navy Corps. Each member of the team comes from very different areas of law enforcement, each with unique (and sometimes entertaining) personalities that somehow make this group get the job done.

8:00 PM - 'Hart of Dixie' (The CW)

Hart of Dixie Cast
Zoe Hart had her whole life mapped out for her -- she was going to follow in her father's footsteps and become one of the county's top surgeons. When she is essentially fired from the program and told to get some experience being a "real" doctor, Zoe heads to Bluebell, Alabama to take a position as a general practitioner in a small-town medical practice run by a man she soon discovers was her real father. Although hesitant to get comfortable in the small town, Zoe finally gives in and attempts to fit in, but it's not a task that comes easy to this big city girl.

9:00 PM - 'NCIS: Los Angeles' (CBS)

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A spinoff of the hit series , this crime drama that follows the undercover surveillance team at the Office of Special Projects (OSP) -- a division of NCIS. The members of team go deep undercover with the biggest and best new tech gadgets to catch some of the nation's most dangerous and elusive criminals.

9:00 PM - 'Emily Owens, M.D. (The CW)

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When we were young, most of us firmly believed that once we left high school, all that teen angst and the drama that goes along with it would remain in the past. Sadly, that is usually not the case and nobody knows that better than first year intern Emily Barnes. Like most women, in school there was that girl or group of girls who made life miserable and there is always that one guy who makes it worthwhile to get up in the morning and look your very best. When Emily took am internship at Denver Memorial Hospital, she thought a new chapter in her life was about to begin -- until she learned that her high school nemesis and med school crush were also a part of the program. Will Emily ever be able to grow up and life a drama-free life? Don't count on it!

10:00 PM - 'Private Practice' (ABC)

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After leaving her ex-husband and lover behind in Seattle, Addison Montgomery packed up and took up residence in Los Angeles in this spinoff of ABC's Grey's Anatomy. Starting fresh, Addison makes a home for herself in the beautiful city and joins a new practice that offers patients complete health care, right down to psychological services. In its final season, Addison has finally achieved her dream of having a child (adopted) and she has a man who loves her -- will Addison get the happy ending she so richly deserves?

10:00 PM - 'Parenthood' (NBC)

Parenthood Cast
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We all remember the hit '80s movie and now the big screen comes to the small screen in this entertaining series about the Braverman family. Each member of the family has their own set of issues (some more than others), but when the chips are down, the one thing they can all count on is their close-knit family.