What's Your Learning Style?

How do you learn best? We've gathered our favorite learning styles inventories and articles to help you find out how you learn best. When you know how you learn best, you can make the most of the time you have in your busy life for learning something new. When you know how your students learn best, you can make learning easier for them.

The Visual-Spatial Learning Style - A Resource List

Visual learner by Compassionate Eye Foundation/Tom Grill - Getty Images
Compassionate Eye Foundation/Tom Grill - Getty Images
Here's our list of resources for visual-spatial learners.

The Auditory Learning Style - A Resource List

Bambu Productions - Getty Images
Bambu Productions - Getty Images
This is our collection of resources for understanding the auditory learning style.

The Tactile-Kinesthetic Learning Style - A Resource List

Arthur Tilley - The Image Bank - Getty Images AB20274
These resources are for students who learn in a tactile-kinesthetic way.

Choose Resources that Match Your Learning Style

New York Public Library by victoriapeckham / Flickr
New York Public Library by victoriapeckham / Flickr. by victoriapeckham / Flickr
Once you know your learning style, you can maximize the time you have available for learning by choosing resources that match the way you work. Sensible.

Learning Styles - The Controversy

Javier Pierini - Getty Images
Javier Pierini - Getty Images

What is the controversy over learning styles all about? Is the theory valid? Does it really work in the classroom, or is the claim that there is no scientific evidence for its validity the final word?

We're collecting articles that call the learning styles theory a myth. We'll keep adding to it as we find interesting discussions. Weigh in. What do you think about the learning styles theory? Truth or myth? At the end of the list there's a chance for you to share your opinion. We'd like to hear it.

Your Personal Intelligences

nullplus - E Plus - Getty Images 154967519
You have not one but at least seven intelligences that can enhance your capacity to learn. Do you know which of your multiple intelligences are strongest? Find out.

Your Peak Learning Time

Laptop and Coffee by Jupiterimages - Getty Images
Jupiterimages - Getty Images
What time of day are you at your best for learning something new? When you can schedule learning for your peak learning time, information soaks into your brain a little easier. Then you've got extra time for something else! Winning!

Are You a Grouper or a Stringer?

Jack Hollingsworth - Getty Images
Jack Hollingsworth - Getty Images
Do you look for big ideas and overall concepts when learning something new? Or are you a by-the-book, one-thing-at-a-time, starting-from-the-very-beginning kind of person? Find out with this quiz.

Four Quadrants of Learning

Stewart Cohen - Getty Images
Stewart Cohen - Getty Images
Based on Ned Herrmann's pioneering work, this inventory helps you identify whether you prefer facts or feelings, logic or imagination, and thinking things through yourself or with other people.

Learning to Learn - A New Learning Style

Student asking question by Steve McAlister Productions-The Image Bank-Getty Images
Student asking question by Steve McAlister Productions-The Image Bank-Getty Images
This new approach to learning by Marcia Heiman demands questioning, and we mean that in the most positive way. Heiman's new learning system is all about asking questions. Which questions are you asking?

A Practical Reader in the Universal Design for Learning

Arthur Tilley - The Image Bank - Getty Images AB22679
There are some in the education field who don't necessarily believe in learning styles. There are some who believe in a universal design for learning. What is it? We'll tell you about a book from editors David H. Rose and Anne Meyer.

Learning Styles Quizzes on the Web

Mark Bowden - E Plus - Getty Images
You can learn just about anything on the Internet, including what kind of learner you are. We've gathered our favorite learning styles quizzes on the web, just for you. This list includes quizzes from the common visual/auditory/kinesthetic test to the more glamorous RHETI enneagram. You'll have a lot of fun with these.

3 Reasons to Try New Learning Styles

Woman in Library by Dimitri Vervitsiotis - Getty Images
Dimitri Vervitsiotis - Getty Images
Some situations don't allow you to learn the way you prefer. We've got three reasons you will benefit from trying new styles of learning.

Learning Styles in the Workplace

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You'll see different learning styles everywhere learning happens, which is just about everywhere, including the workplace. Maybe especially in the workplace!