The Wheel of Fortune Collectible Cookbook

Wheel of Fortune Collectible Cookbook
courtesy Sony Entertainment

The Wheel of Fortune Collectible Cookbook combines two of my favorite things: game shows and cooking. Here you'll find 160 recipes for everything from appetizers to soups to main dishes and desserts, but there's a whole lot more than just recipes in this book!

At a Glance

  • Title: Mr. Food Test Kitchen - Wheel of Fortune Collectible Cookbook
  • Publisher: Cogin, Inc.
  • Released: November 2, 2015
  • Pages: 240
  • Cover price: $21.95 (US)
  • Available at: Most bookstores both online and in person including, as well as at QVC and

About the Book

Before you get to the recipes in this book, there's a forward by Vanna White followed by several pages of photos and stories from Wheel of Fortune. Many of these photos are "never before seen" and they're a lot of fun to flip through. Also included here are lots of details about the evolution of the show, elements of the game itself, and details about becoming a contestant.

Recipes are divided into categories such as Prize-Winning Appetizers, Game Changing Beef & Pork, and Million Dollar Desserts. Each one includes a little blurb about the recipe itself, the person who shared it, or something to do with the show. Recipe titles are formatted in the image of the iconic Wheel of Fortune puzzle board, and there are lots more photos from the show scattered throughout the recipe sections.

There are two indices at the end - one alphabetical and one by recipe category/ingredient.

The Recipes

The recipes themselves were mostly created by the Mr. Food Test Kitchen. Many were contributed by staff, contestants, and fans of the show as well. For example:

  • Vanna Banana Pudding was contributed by Vanna White
  • Pat's Easy Brussels Sprouts were inspired by Pat Sajak
  • Harry's Hotline Chili was inspired by Harry Friedman
  • New Baby Buggy Banana Bread was contributed by contestant Emil de Leon

There are many more fun recipes from other staff members and contestants, but I don't want to spoil them all -- it's really entertaining to flip through the book and read about the people who contributed and/or inspired them!

The recipes included in The Wheel of Fortune Collectible Cookbook are mostly simple and straightforward, many of which use shortcut ingredients to keep them quick and uncomplicated. Novice cooks will find plenty of new recipes to try while those of us who have been around the kitchen for a while will still find lots of inspiration for new dishes and fun twists on old favorites.

Also included here are the ten winning recipes submitted by viewers during the Viewer Recipe Contest, and these run the gamut from breakfasts to sides to desserts.

A Great Gift for Any Fan

This cookbook is unique in that it offers a true "reading" experience. There are many folks (myself included) who can sit down and read a cookbook like a novel, but for many, the experience is limited to browsing recipe titles and maybe adding a bookmark or two -- cookbooks are normally seen as reference materials.

With the Wheel of Fortune Collectible Cookbook though, any fan can spend a good deal of time reading about the show and enjoying the photos without ever reading any of the recipes! (Though I do recommend checking the recipes out and trying lots of them as well.) Even though some of the recipes seem overly simplified (such as making "homemade" potato patties using bagged, shredded potatoes), the majority of them do sound tasty and easy enough to make for a weeknight -- perfect for having dinner on the table in time to watch Wheel of Fortune, of course.

This would make a terrific gift for any fan of Wheel and anyone who enjoys cookbooks. I myself received it as a gift for my birthday, and it's going to be put to very good use!