When Mars is in Capricorn - Transit

Serious Momentum

Credit: Robert Decelis Ltd / Getty Images.

When the action planet Mars is in Capricorn, you're motivated by what will endure and add to credibility.  The Mars Capricorn impulse is to patiently hang tough, while shoring up reserves.  

Capricorn is known as a conservative, strategic sign.  This Mars transit is one to conserve energy for what's most important. 

This transit puts other Mars earth signs on steady footing.  If this is your Mars sign, It's a vitality spike, and amps up your ambitious streak.


Go ahead and make a bucket list, and dream big!  You're motivated to consider the long game, to achieve goals that take awhile, but are worth investing time and effort into. 

Which House is Mars Capricorn transiting through?  You're sure to bring a realist's attitude to this area, or to make your mark in some way. 

Bringing to Completion

Capricorn is a stick-to-it resolve, and this is valuable for those of us (myself included) that have more fluctuating -- or wavy -- energy.  Keep in mind that Capricorn's planetary ruler is Saturn, with its demands and pressures to make the most of time and true talents.

A Mars Capricorn person is a finisher, and will often be able to make sacrifices, for long-range goals.  We're living in a hyper-distracted time, when it's easy to dissipate energies, in empty activities or preoccupations. 

Mars Capricorn brings us back on task in a big way. That makes this the time to take steps toward those goals that take effort and the ability to persevere through difficulties.


What is your dream that means climbing your personal mountain?  Mars here is out for self-mastery, and a huge part of that is overcoming inner and outer resistance to the growth we know takes us there.  That's the Saturn angle -- the ordeals on the way create our character, they define who we are.

Acting on Authority

If you've felt overwhelmed, Mars is an ally to go from a more passive stance to an active one.  That can mean saying No to things that make you ask, "What's the point?" 

The desire for personal standards is heightened, and that can bring on a series of strong decisions.  Saturn-ruled Capricorn uses its scythe to get rid of dead weight, like people who mirror a sense of powerlessness. 

A quiet confidence creeps in, and you find yourself planning some power moves.  If you're needing to shift your personal center of gravity -- like move and put down roots -- Mars backs you on that.

To act on authority, is to know your stuff and be confident in your command of your surroundings.  Mars brings us down to earth in Capricorn, and some attention could be on the here and now, instead of the virtual. 

Capricorn is a cardinal sign that makes things happen.  One big activity now can be taking stock of your reality, in a Saturnian (sober) way.  Mars gives us the matching might to deal with "what is," and bring it more in line with our ideal.   

When Mars Attracts!

Mars rules the sexual frisson, and what generally charges the atmosphere in a titillating way.  Power continues to prove to be an aphrodisiac with this Mars.

Think of actors that aren't classically good-looking, but allure through the weight of their character.  That's what's in vogue now. 

Those that walk their talk rise swiftly to leadership, in a time when we need it most.  Wisdom is hot.  Authenticity is highly sought after. 

And being an earth sign, Mars inspires the pursuit of sensual, musky, lusty pleasures. 

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Mars Capricorn Possibilities

  • Getting credentials, licensing or a certificate of some kind.
  • Exercise that strengthens the overall constitution, along with bones and teeth.
  • Standing up to usurpers and blind powers that act without wisdom.
  • Actions that boost your reputation in real ways. 
  • Making a dream real with dogged persistence, pushing through resistance. 
  • Celebrating a tradition, or initiating a new one in your circle/family.