When Mars is in Libra

Sword Tight-Rope Walker - Credit: Pedro Venâncio / EyeEm.

Mars is will and drive, and that makes it a planetary force to be reckoned with -- and wrangled, when possible, toward our goals. 

Mars is in Libra from November 12th to January 4th, 2016.

Mars vitality needs an outlet, and sometimes it feeds a loop of frustration and irritability.  Other times, it's the jolt needed to get off the couch, and take action.  Or to stand up for yourself, in a relationship that's become a power trip.

As Mars moves through the Zodiac signs, we all experience the will and drive unique to that sign.  When Mars is in Libra, the red planet's edge shows up in relationships -- with significant friends, a business partner, colleague, boyfriend or girlfriend, spouse, child, etc. 

There's intensity with the never-ending dance of seeking, losing, and seeking again....that sweet spot of equilibrium.  Themes of the sign of the Scales are love affairs, one-on-ones of all kinds, justice, art and design, facades vs. interiors, "all talk" vs. walking the talk.

Iron-Fist in Velvet Glove

Mars is ruled by Aries, so what traits do we see it its opposite sign Libra?  It could be a time when a lot of force is exerted to get a certain reaction out of others. 

After all, Libra is an experiment in understanding the Self, through the reflection of another -- a lover, your audience, the response to your social profile.

There can be a lot of charge in conversations in general -- where ego is entwined with the ideas being presented.  Like a chess master anticipating many moves ahead, there can be elaborate strategies deployed to win the argument.

Will there be further polarization in society?  Or will the finer qualities of Libra -- like impartiality, letting everyone air their views, the ability to walk in another person's shoes -- win in the end?

Harmonizing and Provoking

I recently heard an insight about Libra that rang true.  That it's a sign identified with balance, but in that seeking it's oscillating and prone to extremes.  In the guise of Mars, we might see the dark side of Libra.

When there's disharmony, the motivation is toward balance.  But if there's harmony, Libra is tempted to be provocative, and destabilize the relationship, scene or conversation.  Libra can be devilish that way.

This helped me to see Libra more realistically, and to understand my own Mars Libra a bit better.  Sometimes nothing makes me madder than the messed up and unjust status quo. 

And I see how I'll use Mars to poke a hole in (what I perceive as) the bubble of unawareness.  It can lead to traits of self-righteousness, or talking about what's wrong, but not taking action. 

It's wise to know when to fight and when to take flight -- and be an observer.  Libra is an air sign, and able to detach and hover, to suss out a scene.

And this becomes urgent, as Mars walks into a charged environment, with other planets in cardinal signs -- like Uranus and Pluto.  Picking a fight with the wrong person or heavily-armed authority, could have disastrous results.   

Mars Libra Tips

  • Know yourself - what pushes your buttons? 
  • Avoid the temptation to manipulate someone for personal gain.
  • Be fair in all your exchanges and transactions.
  • Know your enemy and their secret weapons and allies. 
  • Experiment with the pen being mightier than the sword.