When Mars is in Scorpio

Strike the Root

Diver in Vintage Bathing Cap - Credit: a.isenegge / Getty Images.


Mars is in Scorpio from January 3rd to March 5th, 2016.

 Mars has been in Libra -- in observation mode -- and now is ready to strike the root.  Mars Libra is hyper alert in Libra to what's off kilter, unjust or disharmonious. 

While in Libra, the sign of the Scales, Mars has been driven to act on what's out of whack.  And yet, the demand to play fair and weigh all sides can inhibit moves, or keep them in the motivating ideas stage.

On the Zodiac wheel, Libra is followed by Scorpio, and here we go beyond keeping the peace, or saving face, in areas that are crying out for deeper, more penetrating confrontation. 

Instead of ineffectual word sparring or being ping-ponged in polarization, there can be a direct hit, to the heart of what's going on.  In our time of crisis, there could be astonishing acts that "strike the root."  I've always loved the Henry David Thoreau quote, "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."

Take heart.  In Scorpio, Mars' aim is true and has a big impact.

No More Playing Nice

Menacing and strangely compelling, the drives of Mars (in Scorpio) go beyond going along to get along.  Whatever has been festering, surges up and takes on a life of its own.  Ultimately it promises to lead us to being real, not merely being nice, which can lead to falseness and stagnation in relationships.


Where there's the need for real change, striking at the root has a ripple effect outward. 

During this Mars shift, if there's been a build-up of grievances in Libra, the pressure builds in Scorpio to the boiling point.  In some cases, a vague sense of imbalance can turn into an open enemies situation, when Mars goes rogue in Scorpio.


Yes, this can be a time of decisive action, after which there seems to be no going back, to pretending that everything's okay.  It's a transit when a destructive act (like breaking up) is what's need to grow and release held up creative power.  Or the great revelations of Scorpio could purify a relationship, as the risk to be real leads to a more truthful, deeper bond. 

So it's a time of acting on what's true deep down.  And it's a time for sustained creative energy, with an unwavering focus. 

All or Nothing

Those with Mars in Scorpio are compelled to bring things to completion.  The drive and ambition are strong, so during the transit, that force is with us to stick with our works-in-progress.   

As fixed signs, they have an urge to be thorough, leave no stone unturned, and in the process exert enormous amount of emotional power.  Sometimes this leads to fixations on an end goal, where it's do or die (seemingly). 

This is an excellent time to dig into a project that demands your full focus, mind, body and spirit.  One challenge is to let go of control over the outcome, since giving it your all, you expect a big return.  If you're fully committed, it's often hard to give up control, to someone who is absent-minded or half-hearted.


Keep that in mind -- you might want to invest your time in projects that are all you, and allow you full control from start to finish.  Even solo projects, may evoke a sense of risk now, if you follow Mars' drive into core preoccupations of your own psyche. 

Wild at Heart

Mars Scorpio creates a sense of urgency, when it comes to the natural longings for soulful intimacy.  This can send lovers on a quest, for the holy grail of soul union in sex.  The primal instincts lead us there, to create something wholly new.

What's alluring is the danger -- and promise -- of surrendering to the unknown.  Mars sets that mysterious mood, when everything could change, and that enlivens the love atmosphere.  Mars rules libido and Scorpio is the threshold guardian sign of the cauldron that's sexual mixing, and what dies and is reborn in the act.


This could be a fertile time, since Mars is in a water sign, and the one that rules the sex organs and inspires endurance in that department.  If you tune in, you could also tap into instincts about when the time is right.

Mars Scorpio Possibilities

  • Any passive-aggressive behavior pattern turns into active-aggressive. 
  • Mercy killing of what's dead or dying in your life, including relationships that are based only on social obligation.
  • Truth that has a sting or feels toxic, like poison.  The atmosphere could feel ruined or polluted, until there is healing and integration of what's happened (or been revealed). 
  • Feeling productive and using the concentrated energies of Scorpio in a strategic way. 
  • Acting on what has a hold on the psyche.