Transiting Mercury in Capricorn

Reading Hieroglyphics / Image: powerofforever.

 When Mercury is in Capricorn, it's time for serious thinking.  And if you've been chasing illusions, it's time to get real.  

Mercury stays close to the Sun (rarely more than 27 degrees away), and I find the Capricorn season to be one of sober reflection.  The sensible Capricorn mentality helps us all, especially those of us that tend to live in la la land.  Mercury Capricorn is about structure and ideas that are do-able, grounded in reality.

Astro Note:  Mercury is in Capricorn from December 2nd, 2016 and will retrograde on Dec 19th at 15 degrees.   Mercury will be in retrograde to January 8th, 2017 and back to 29 Sagittarius.  Mercury will then be in Capricorn to February 8th!  

The Long View

One thing I've observed with Mercury Capricorn guys and gals, is that they see things in a longer context.  You mention a current happening, and they recount a timeline of similar events. 

They are like history keepers, and see life with the long view.  That's why this transit is ideal for thinking about your plans for lifetime achievement, but beyond aspirations since that's Sagittarius territory. 

You might think about your body of work, and how to be taken seriously in your chosen field.  Capricorn relates to the Tenth House of Career, so long term goals can be a preoccupation. 

Keep in mind that Capricorn is a mentality able to justify short term pleasure for long term gains.

  It could be time then to consider what it would take, to go for that ultimate dream, the pinnacle, the peak.  Capricorn is the climber of mountains, and willing to work patiently over time toward a goal. 

You could get rare insight into what your highest goals really are during this fleeting transit.


Mentors and Mentees

It's also time for genealogy, and seeing yourself as part of a lineage.  That might be one of mastery, also, making this a good time to become an apprentice or to master your skills. 

All the better if those skills are hands-on and in the real world, not the virtual.  Capricorn is an earth sign after all, and is at home sizing up the physical plane and its particulars. 

You might consult a mentor now, or offer advice yourself, to those coming up behind you in your field.  Capricorn is the sign of earned wisdom, and is the worldly sage of the Zodiac. 

The Real World

Sometimes this earth bound mentality goes too far to the materialistic extreme.  And that's when the strong cardinal drives of Capricorn are fully focused on getting things, status, social position, etc. 

With this transit, you might brood more over your authority, especially if you don't feel you're being respected. 

Capricorn begins the last trio of Zodiac signs, and is considered a public sign, instead of a private one.  It's concerned with its place in the scheme of things. 

You might realize you're wasting time in distractions and the virtual, and look for ways to engage more in 3D reality.  And for conversation, you might prefer face time to chatting on the 'net.


Capricorn can be a bit world weary, and has heavy-duty Saturn (its ruler) to thank for that.  Be careful during this transit, not to go overboard with identifying obstacles, and falling into a melancholy "What's the point?" rut. 

Your mind may seem slower now, and weighed down.  But the sight available is seeing how you can apply your ideas to reality. 

Mercury Capricorn Possibilities

  • Insights about father issues, authority figures or being the authority in your own life. 
  • Seek out someone you admire, who is doing what you aspire to do, and interview him or her.
  • Looking at self-promotion -- is it the way you want to be seen in the world?
  • Consider credentials, and if you need to bolster your resume.
  • Capricorn is a sign that delegates, and this might come up as a theme. 
  • Some might find it a good time to network, update your list of contacts or go out on a job interview.