When Mercury is in Cancer (June 29th to July 13th, 2016)

Reflective, Steeped in Emotion

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When Mercury is in Cancer, one eye is reflecting on the past, and it's as if it were yesterday.  Southern writer William Faulkner wrote, "The past is never dead.  It's not even past."

 Mercury here inspires a very reflective outlook -- it's touched by Cancer's ruler, the Moon.

It's a time for curiosity about early life, through reading biographies, or mining your own story for lost treasures.  Old friends have scenes to share, and this brings back what almost feels like a past life.

  It brings a wonder about the path of life, and what's remembered, what's forgotten. 

The Sun's Translator

Mercury is the messenger planet, and is always cruising near the Sun, so it goes along with the sunny season.  When Mercury is in Cancer, the Sun is near-by, either in Cancer or the two neighboring signs Gemini or Leo. 

Mercury is never more than 28 degrees from the Sun astrologically.  That's why so many have the same Sun and Mercury in their birth charts.  Where's your Mercury?  Is it in the same Zodiac sign as your Sun? 

Emotional Intelligence

When Mercury is in Cancer, the chatter is emotional, and scanning for what's moving in the dimension of feeling.  Cancer is a cardinal (initiating) sign, so Mercury here makes waves with its message-style. 

The Mercury (Cancer) person comes to her perceptions by absorbing the emotional "reality" experienced with words, actions and happenings.  It's a Mercury that's storing away impressions, of what has a charge.


An example is someone recalling a scene, in a gripping way, with all the emotional nuances of that moment in time.  Everyone around her is absorbed in the retelling, and that has the power to move people.  That's a strength of Mercury in Cancer natives, and also a current to ride with this transit.

That's an ability that brings a speech or presentation to the human-scale.  During this transit, a personal anecdote pulls in your audience, and helps you hold their attention. 

If you're a writer, it's a Mercury transit to develop your character's back story.  How did they get to be who they are? What are the forces that shaped them early on?  From that history, comes emotionally authentic dialogue and a sense of origins.

That extends to encounters on the stage of life.  Mercury's transit in water (feeling) sign Cancer inspires emotionally true conversation, from heart-to-hearts to casual exchanges with colleagues.  We might now slip in something personal, a reference to a child or elderly parent, or the orphaned baby bird we're raising at home. 

In this mercurial mood, we share more of the interior, to those we trust.  The instinct is strong to convey something intimate, that everyone can or might relate to.  We see the magic of this when a huge gathering becomes an intimate circle, when there's a touching remark or scene in a movie.  Or some loony humor that helps us laugh at ourselves, and is so true.   

The flip side, is that it's a Mercury that guards its thoughts protectively, against those seen as a threat.

  The main ingredients for the outflow of what's being picked up are sensitivity and timing. 

And since it's the Moon (Cancer's ruler) that's flavoring Mercury, there's a natural changeability there.  Some may hold their thoughts close to the chest (ruled by Cancer), but in the right situation, there's illuminating and insightful delivery of what's most meaningful. 

In Sync with Mercury in Cancer

  • Starting a scrapbook, or bringing one up to date.
  • Catching up with a long-lost friend or family member.
  • Recording a vivid childhood memory, and re-living its impact. 
  • Reaching out to those needing protection, and a sounding board.
  • Book Club selection:  Memoirs of childhood.
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