When Mercury is in Gemini

What's the Bee Buzz?

Alexander Walter/Getty Images.

Astro Note 2016:  Mercury is in the tricky air sign of Gemini from June 12th to the 17th.  Mercury gets crazy manic in Gemini, so watch the info overload.  Gemini is a sign of nerves, and the mind tends to race if you're anxious, when the Twins are in play.

Fluency or Frenzy? 

This is Mercury at its quickest, since Gemini is synonymous with all things mercurial.  Mercury is the planetary ruler of air sign Gemini, for a time of sharp, fast and often short messages.


When Mercury is in an air sign, there's a lively swirling of ideas, impressions and social curiosity.  Gemini is the air sign of rearranging, collecting info from all angles, and dispersing wit and insights. 

Mercury's time in Gemini lightens things up, for spinning out of a personal mental quagmire.  The top translator is at work, to tease out (sometimes literally) fresh ways of seeing.  

However, the high-strung trait of Gemini can heighten any mental loops that are driven by fear or anxiety.  The image of the feverish, chain-smoking (Gemini's often find smoking calming) genius writer comes to mind.  A trap with racing, questing mental energy is to surf the 'net aimlessly, getting drawn into dramas, celebrity gossip, social media voyeurism.  

Bee in the Bonnet

A trap with Mercury's collecting vibe in Gemini is casting a wide, disconnected 'net.  This has the tendency to dissipate the energy, and leave you feeling frazzled.

  If you're at all sensitive, you absorb images and stories that break your heart, until you're exhausted.  Take time to digest what you take in, and cultivate your own meaning to go with it. 

It's too easy to load up on mental junk food during this transit, since it's all about following bright, shiny fascinations!

  The mutable (changeable) nature of Gemini equates to infinite choice -- the mind is wowed by all that's out there to know, and people to meet.  In times like these, you might find that there's already enough signals coming through without overloading the circuits with static. 

The buzz of what's happening -- the drama and shocking plot twists -- can be addictive.  Mercury Gemini amps up that craving to be in the know, to catch the drift of the latest news.  Watch though for that floaty, disconnected feeling that happens, when you're too disconnected from personal meaning.  That happens when the focus is too much on what's going on "out there," the abstract, virtual and the dramas of others. 

A pitfall is buzzing in the hive mind, following every meme that comes along that (often) has zip to do with you.  There's a compelling pull to be plugged in, and that could reach nutty proportions when Mercury is wired and jacked up on Gemini. 

Look for ways to direct that fast, bright mind charge in healthy ways that don't take you out of yourself. 

Some ideas:  word games; catching up on emails and letters (surprise someone with a hand-written note!); revamping website or starting a blog, tending to your mutually supportive friend-family circle; stream-of-consciousness mind storming; follow a research trail; revise the novel or non-fiction book; find fresh approaches to your work; learn a language; experience being prolific in your arena; share your opinions widely.

Plays Well with Others

The bouncy attitude of Gemini gives them an ease in social situations.  Those born with Mercury Gemini like to be in the mix, and many are at home in the din and clamor of a busy place. 

A way to make the most of this Mercury Gemini time is to compare notes on the state of things.  It's through actual talking to others, that Gemini learns and finds its way. 

That makes it ideal for having meaningful street parties to get to know your neighbors as allies and friends.  It's also a mercurial setting for collaboration, and playing off each others' ideas.