When Mercury is in Leo - Forecast

Mercury Transit

Credit: wundervisuals / Getty Images.

What's Golden?

Mercury's zip through Leo energizes what you're passionate about.  It could be your line of work, a cause or your commitment to family or friends. Get psyched!  The power of the mighty Sun (Leo's ruler) gets your creativity firing on all cyclinders!  Exclamation points abound!!!

It's a very vitalizing current for investing in what gets you going, and is close to your heart.  You could act on that inspiration, and make a bold proposal, that brings your dream to life.

  Or you could hit a groove with how you put yourself out there. 

Leo is one of the legendary lovers of the Zodiac.  So this Mercury sends love notes, and is a big, fun flirt.  Go with the light mood, to make new connections, for friendship or more!  Many with Sun in Leo, also have Mercury in Leo, since they orbit together. 

Your Mercury Horoscope

What's your Mercury's element and mode?  If you're a fiery Mercury (Aries, Leo Sagittarius), you're inspired, and get projects moving. Other Mercury elements like earth and water benefit from the blast of purifying fire -- it burns off fog and heaviness. 

Fixed sign Mercury (Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius) remember to put their unique stamp on what they're doing.  If your own Mercury is in Leo, the surge of bright ideas could be overwhelming.  Keep a recorder or journal handy to catch them as they flash through.

Through Mercury Leo Eyes:

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."   Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, (Sun Cancer, Mercury in Leo), author of The Little Prince

"Really, I do not know whether my paintings are surrealist or not, but I do know that they are the frankest expression of myself."  Frida Kahlo (Sun Cancer, Mercury in Leo)

Speaking from the "Hot"

My Aussie friend says heart that way to my ear - 'hot."  And being a Leo (Sun), she says that word a lot, as Leo rules the heart and is synonymous with passion.

Leo is a hot fire sign, and the lens of Mercury (in Leo) is in vivid color.

What does it mean to speak from the heart?  To be genuine?  To take off the social mask, and drop any habitual lingo that's been picked up along the way?  Speaking from the Hot is speaking true and not adding a lot of filler words.  And it has to do with personal presence.

I once traveled to Texas to study horse whispering with a well-known author and equestrian.  And for much of the time, she read to us from a binder, her notes typed neatly on the page.  She did not offer her unscripted presence -- and that was uninspiring, to say the least.

To speak from the heart is to risk, and be in the moment.  It's the Leo sensation of putting yourself in all you say and do.  So speaking from the heart is going beyond known techniques, to win friends and influence people.  It's sensing the mood of the moment, and being real, and sharing what has a personal angle.  It's touching the universal through the very personal. 

A Mercury in Leo person is a captivating speaker, who shines when talking about her true loves -- the people, ideas or even fields of study that makes her heart sing.

Playing to the Crowd

Have you ever become more animated when you saw how your audience was responding?

  When Mercury is in showy Leo, the message comes alive, when others respond, especially when eyes beam admiration.

On the other hand, a lukewarm response could have you seeing red, even slamming shut your notes and storming out.  The attitude is "respect what I have to say" and a dull-eyed reception could lead you to look elsewhere. 

There's a lot of personal stake in what's said during this transit, and how you're received.  It's harder to fake it and put on a happy face, if your heart's not in it.   

It's favorable for giving talks, a sales pitch, a proposal, lecture or entertaining children.  All mercurial exchanges are in sync when there's a twinkle in the eye, good cheer and confidence. 

When so much pride and need for admiration, respect, is tied up in conversations, there can be stubbornness with opinions.

  Leo is a fixed sign, and fosters fixations.  It's one for taking arguments or criticism too personally. 

The golden key with Leo energy is to break through to humor and generosity. 

Mercury Leo Possibilities

  • Get creative with your self-promotion, take new photos to match your high spirits. 
  • Introduce yourself to someone that's got a certain something. 
  • Tell others what you like or love about them, what makes them wholly unique. 
  • Write romantic poetry or a love note to your amore.