Transiting Mercury in Sagittarius

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A string of bright ideas illuminate the mind scape, when Mercury is in Sagittarius. 

The messenger becomes a panacea for the overstuffed, undigested mind.  That's because it's a time to discover threads of meaning in the excess of info.  And to sense what's flashing with potential, as a brighter path to the future.

Astro Note for 2016:  Mercury is in Sagittarius from November 12th to December 2nd.  This follows Mercury in Scorpio.

The fusion-style of Sagittarius fully frees up what's been churned up into awareness.  It's a liberating time to say what's on your mind, to lighten the load or move the energies of a stuck situation.


When Mercury, the planet of perception, is in fire signs, an idea is experienced, rather than just thought through as an abstract notion.  Fire signs are energetic, so Mercury fire is active with its discoveries.  There's momentum, especially when inspiration gold is struck, that seems to move life itself forward.

So after plumbing the depths in Scorpio, there's a joyful rush to the surface with Sagittarius.  The treasures that have been found, from soul-searching, are now combined with this visionary gift of the Archer.  It's time to roam, and explore, and expand into the wider world. 

And Sagittarius is the most future-oriented of the fire signs.  What visions are compelling enough to give you that all-over tingle, a lift of the spirits about what lies ahead?

It's especially sparky, if you've been stewing in your own juices, and lost in subjectivity.  The shift into Sagittarius helps to see personal problems from the broader perspective, and that's freeing too. 

The fired-up currents of Sagittarius burn off brain fog.  Make the most of it by doing things that take you out of yourself, and in situations to gain knowledge from first hand-experience.


Learning and Teaching

A challenge of the times is to adapt to new information -- to let it change you.  The alternative is to continue to live "as if" the old worldview is still current.  That takes us out of alignment with what we know to be true.

This is a season to be schooled by the energies of the eternal student, Sagittarius.  And that brings us into alignment with what we know, the wisdom we've gleaned from experience. 

The mutable signs are adapters, and broadcasters.  One way to learn is to teach what you know.  In everyday life, if you're not an educator or in media, that could mean sharing what you know. 

So in the socially restless buzz of Sagittarius, there's a lot of sharing -- of how we each see the world.  It's a charged activity, because it points to something, a discovered truth, for example.  Or you share who you are, and where you're going, with a vision of the future.  

More Mercury Sagittarius Possibilities

  • Collaboration is favored, but expect some vigorous debates among the players.
  • Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is restless for travel, both real and in the mind.  Now's the time to take a journey to someplace new and exotic (for you). 
  • Seek out fresh sources of media, or make your own.
  • If you're a specialist, with a narrow focus, look at integrating the wisdom of other fields of knowledge.
  • Ponder long-term goals, and draw near the inspiration you need to stay with the momentum.
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