When Mercury is in Scorpio

Wising Up

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When Mercury is in Scorpio, it’s like everyone gets a pair of all-seeing specs.

Like in the 1988 cult classic They Live, where special ray-bans exposed subliminal messages on billboards, and the true identity of those in power. With Scorpio vision, it’s possible to see deeply into the layers of reality.

What’s actually being said or done is a small part of the observation, with Scorpio sight. Mercury Scorpio time is for reading a situation energetically.

It is a kind of felt perception that is supremely useful in an age of trickery.

It's a great time for deep research, seances, divination, espionage and seduction.

Lie Detector

Many times, you get a sixth sense that someone’s words don’t match what you’re picking up. It happens everyday with white lies -- someone pretends to like your new look or boyfriend, not wanting to stir the pot. Or someone is nice to your face, but is spreading mean gossip behind your back. They say one thing, but you know they’re not being true.

The messenger here then can be a time to come clean, and be honest – even if it might offend the other person. It can be cathartic, and paradoxically lead to more trust, as you know where you stand with the other.

Then there are whoppers on the world stage, where facts and first hand observations don’t match the presented version of events. With your Scorpio specs on, you read between the lines of the news.

This faculty is sharp, and nothing gets past you, when Mercury is in Scorpio.

The silver lining is that by seeing into the narrative, it loses its power to provoke fear or confusion. Scorpio’s gift is seeing energy, ways it’s manipulated for this or that goal. A high expression of Mercury Scorpio is to wise up, and be discerning about what you see and hear.

Occult Pop Culture

Scorpio has an affinity for power… and the unseen currents of energy that are its medium. So there’s a natural gravitation to all things occulted or hidden. The fascination with secret societies and lineages of hidden power reach a peak with Mercury in Scorpio.

This fascination extends to symbols, like those showing up in pop culture, but that also have roots in shadowy power cults like the so-called Illuminati. Symbols can invoke or evoke energies in rituals, and researchers like Vigilant Citizen show how pervasive they are in popular culture now.

Mercury Scorpio favors wising up about the use of symbols to influence “the masses” without consciously knowing it. This happens of course with advertising but it’s become more in-your-face, as every top singer uses the same collection of occult symbols and gestures.

The Mercury in Scorpio transit then, is a good time to become symbol literate. And to de-mystify these symbols, so they lose their power when you encounter them.

Scorpio, as a sign obsessed with power, can be used for healing (catharsis, transformation), or it can run the currents of sorcery. The messenger here can alert you to the dark arts in your midst, on a subtle, everyday level – or bigger orchestrations that are being driven by a potentially threatening agenda.

It’s a good time to observe much, and be strategic about what you say and to whom. When Mercury is in Scorpio, your awareness of a thing could grow more potent, if you keep it under your hat. There’s power in self-containment, with occult knowledge, and sharing it in the right time, and the right way.

This is the true reason why many societies were secret, and for initiates only. Because “fools rush in” and are not prepared to handle the kind of power that is released. This can be a time of initiation into your own personal mysteries.

Secret Pacts

Mercury rules contracts and agreements. And in Scorpio, it’s worth looking at strings attached to your agreements with others – both written and “understood.”

Mercury Scorpio makes these energetic bindings more visible. It could be clear that the price is too high to pay, like with emotional vamps or parasites.

You might see into what has a hold on your energy, and possible solutions.

One example is debt, that has a hold on your time and resources. Or an arrangement that involves someone else's resources, but is somehow diminishing to your own spirit. It could be hating your job, with that feeling that you’re “selling out,” or “selling your soul.”

When Mercury is in Scorpio, you could see where you’re not aligned with your own deep values. It might be something like lying to customers or the public. Or seeing your company’s role in a bigger agenda.

Subconscious Messages

Composer and sound healer Jill Mattson says that our voice is a bridge to others. And that through subtle energy, we tell others how to treat us.

Mattson writes, "What does our voice tell other about how we want to be treated?"

She continues, "The invisible truth is - the way people treat us is affected by subconscious vibes that we send out. Unconsciously they are affected by our unconscious messages. A good portion of relationships occurs below our conscious minds."

She invites questions, about how we say our name to others, like: "Do we say our name like a question, expressing uncertainty about who we are and what we want?" This reminds me of a friend who leaves the message, "It's just me." I picked up on the self-demeaning tone, and took note of it. These are the kinds of realizations that are gifts when Mercury is in Scorpio.