When Venus is in Aries: Love Affairs Begin Again

Echo / Getty Images.

When Venus is in Aries, the place to be is the teetering edge.....of something new.


 A big theme now is acting courageously, with those that inspire, and share a vision worth fighting for…together.  Venus is in Aries from April 5th to 29th (2016) when the passions are earthed in Taurus. 

Venus Begins Again

Aries is the first sign, so when Venus hits Zero Aries, it’s like awakening to a new dawn.  It’s the heady love atmosphere of Spring, whenever it comes, and the shift from Pisces to Aries is one of the most dramatic turns on the Zodiac’s wheel.


The love planet is uninhibited in Aries, and is eager to experience life first hand.  Out of the subtle, reclusive and soulful depths of (Venus) Pisces, she and we emerge to greet life with full engagement. 

We want to be where the action is!  It’s a time for street fairs, moving to a new place, traveling, or animating your home life.  Those vibrant souls with Venus in Aries (in their charts) are most alive when at their edge, in a new challenge. 

This is no time to hide your light under a bushel, and you're restless to ram through anything and anyone that diminishes you. 

This is a great time to set things in motion that feel like a new beginning

Lust for Life

Venus here amps up the creaturely lust factor.  Aries relates to the First House, and all that’s associated with it – physical presence, the way you move, and how you assert your will.   This spike with the libido can be animating, and a time when even shy lovers have a carnal twinkle in their eye.


It’s a Venus that conspires to awaken that spark of the new, and this is welcome when the routine or responsibilities of life have crowded it out.  Venus Aries can make an established relationship new again, if we act on what it’s reviving in us.  It’s both new and a cycling back to something familiar and pure in its expression.


It can be a relief to hit that big, bold note again, in love – instead of focusing on the details.  On the other hand, the impulsive vibe is a fire that can get out of control.  This could be a time for reckless choices in love, like being attracted to someone who has an air of danger.

What’s attractive now for all Venus signs are those that shine big as individuals, that use their will to go after what they want.  Venus Aries can show us in bright as day messages, what we want, and who embodies the qualities we admire. 

In this love mood, the flirting is astonishing in its openness.  And Aries often plays the Fool, rushing into love, with an open heart.  That’s why it’s a sign of innocence, too.  It’s a time to feel young at heart, no matter how old you are. 

Venus Aries Possibilities

  • A dramatic change to your self-presentation that is in sync with your evolving identity.  It could be on the scale of changing your name, like the Native Americans have done, when a new chapter began in life.
  • Falling in love again with your way of being creative.  Is it time to explore a new medium? 
  • Aries is a cardinal sign of initiating.  Venus Aries instigates your own self-starting apparatus, in friendships and love, self-expression and living your values. 
  • Experiencing the self, as an individual, and acting on the desires of that sovereign you are.  This is especially powerful for those that have many pulls on their energy, from family or a partner. 
  • It’s a great time for rough drafts, when the critical mind is muscled out of the way.  Without the need for feedback or pre-approval, you can move forward on long-desired goals. 
  • A shadow trait here is pushing people around, or stirring up trouble for no reason.  If you're feeling irritable, is it because you're ready for new challenges?