When Venus is in Leo (Starting June 5th, 2015)

Living Large

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Astro Note for 2015:  The dates for the Leo mood for art, abundance and the seductive arts are June 5th to July 18th.  Then Venus goes into Virgo and will retrograde back into Leo from July 31st to October 8th, 2015.

What's Your Fancy?

Get ready for your mood ring to turn a sunny color. The planet Venus and the sign Leo synch brilliantly for a lift to the ambiance. Venus, the planet of love + art + money gets extravagant in the big-hearted sign of showing off, Leo.

The transit of Venus through Leo boosts creative confidence, and brings out the cheery merriment that's in there, somewhere.

The optimistic wave is momentum, and fosters openness. And being open has a magical way of drawing in something golden.  It even feels familiar, from other times when you've been inspired.  Leo is fixed fire, for a sustained energy of passion. 

Venus Leo turns up the volume of your indigenous impulses. The high-spirited atmosphere is contagious. It's tough sticking to routine and activities that you're heart's just not in anymore.

Therefore, be alert to what this transit shows you -- what and who draws your whole heart? What are you falling in love with these days? What naturally gets you excited?

Life's Luxuries

Leo is the sign of going upscale, and treating yourself to favorites. Be a king or queen for a day. What's rich in your eyes? Maybe it's a spa day, or indulging in new bed linens.

Or taking the time to style your hair, for how it makes you feel. It's time for dressing up, for the way it changes how you walk. Or adding a shock of color to complete your look.

Venus Leo draws out the inner show-off -- the part in each of us that knows we're unique. With regal Venus, what's alluring is dignified, in-bred confidence.

This is a time for a "fake it, 'til you make it" campaign -- setting your sights on a goal and acting as if, in the meantime. Leo is the sign of the actor, and wearing the sheen of the special person you really are.

It's a transit to remember what makes you one-of-a-kind, and promote that in a big way. It begins with tuning in to what gives you a lift, and turning away from what's draining, demoralizing or beneath you.

Spontaneity and Comic Relief

Heavy death-grip type moods can be broken now, with more organic outbursts and good vibes. It's a great time to start a friendship, or love affair. The Venusian atmosphere is big-hearted, generous and sexually confident. Even the most shrinking of Violets finds her mojo. If you've felt blah, go with what's lit up, act on enthusiasms and let your hair down. Do more just for fun.

Venus Leo is about quality of life, and having gold star dates on the calendar to look forward to. It's ideal for throwing a bash, catching up with friends, and making time for leisure.

Venus in Leo Favorites and Themes

  • Amusement parks, nostalgia shops, Broadway theatre, palaces and playgrounds, birthday parties.
  • Taking your art seriously -- making a passion your main event, instead of a sideline.
  • Sprucing up your look with extras, colors, quality pieces.
  • Truly memorable occasions.
  • Daring to stand out and be more visible in your world.
  • Celebrating play with kids or friends.
  • Re-claiming your dignity (if lost), demanding new level of respect.
  • Being king or queen for a day, with treats that makes you feel special.
  • Splurging on the finer version of what you love.
  • Expressing affection freely.
  • Seeing the creative potential in others.
  • Encouraging friends and family, and radiating that outward.
  • Dream up adventures to put on your timeline.

(Vintage) Venus Leo Song

Cause I going make you see-- there's nobody else here
No one like me.
I'm special, so special.
I got to have some of your attention, give it to me!
Brass in Pocket from the Pretenders

Best Venus Leo Song

A mix of your favorites, or the song you make up and sing out loud!