Transiting Venus in Scorpio

Tough Love

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When Venus slithers through Scorpio, what was lively banter with Venus in Libra turns into an exchange of secret messages.

The intimacy of close friends is preferred over loud, anonymous kinds of nights out. And love's prevailing atmosphere is one of soulful sharing, with friends and lovers. And of course, there is the seduction of Scorpio, making this an especially charged time for the alchemy of the sexual side of life.

Some are intimidated by Scorpio, because it's a sign that doesn't fear dark truths. Venus' time in Scorpio takes us beyond the casual, to encounters of bare naked honesty.

Venus Scorpio Dates

September 23rd to October 17tth, 2016

November 8th to December 1st, 2017

September 10th to November 2nd, 2018

October 9th to November 2nd, 2019

Venus is the planet of love, creative expression, friendship and pleasure.  Scorpio in love is all-or-nothing, and can be obsessive. 

So while not a light Venusian atmosphere, it's one for cleaning (purging) house. With all contacts, there's more courage to be out with it, and to disrupt a pattern that has its roots in a deeper, perhaps buried emotional-psychic knot.

It's a favorable atmosphere for Venus signs in water or earth.  It's a titillating atmosphere, to be subtle here, and a new love could grow from that initial magnetic attraction.  Read more about Venus Love Compatibility. 

What Lies Beneath

This is the most psychic of signs, perhaps the top seer. Scorpio is a water sign with hidden depths. 

Venus Scorpio people have an intimate circle of confidants who have won their trust.  A Venus Scorpio love scene is one where there's less chatter, but the eyes and moves speak volumes.

As a fixed sign Venus, the process that's started will be seen through to the end. You might find there's more boldness in love, and unexpected declarations can be made now. If feelings have been held back, this is a time or big revelations or spontaneous shows of affection.

It's the Venus that desires the union of souls, in friendship and in love. The drive to experience catharsis is a big motivating factor, and superficial affairs won't do. When Venus is in Scorpio, life is good when we live out what's true deep down.

Stings, Poison, Potions

Venus becomes a threshold Goddess, when in Scorpio, like Selket of Ancient Egypt. Selket is a dessert Goddess of venomous stings -- both delivering the poison and the antidote. Her image, with outstretched arms, was painted inside coffins, to comfort the dead in their transition. Her alluring figure and welcoming arms suggests that death is not a cruel end, but a passage to the next cycle.

Selket embodies the truth of those moments when delivering honesty, even if it's like poison to the other, is the most loving act. Selket wears a Scorpion on her crown, and it was the sight of the Scorpio constellation that alerted Egyptians to the season of the deadly Scorpion.

Serpent Wisdom

Scorpio is the sign legendary for its sexual drives, so the love planet here arouses any sleeping passions. Like a snake, Scorpio has a way of slithering into those dark, hard to reach places within. And through sexual union, that energy can be swirled around and transformed.

When Venus is in Scorpio, the mojo is on the move, so making time for intimacy is very rewarding. It fosters the atmosphere of whole soul truth telling. And some friendships don't survive when what's buried comes to the surface. Another relationship is transformed, when the shadow is purged, and it feels more real.

Venus in Scorpio Themes

  • Erotic poetry or images.
  • Adding dimension to your art -- the shadow side.
  • End an insincere relationship habit, like people pleasing.
  • Break ups or make ups -- dramatic plot twists.
  • Tracking a drama to its psychic roots, and releasing it.
  • Exploring mediums as an outlet for the dark emotions, the shadow.
  • Experiencing surrender with a trusted lover.
  • Marking the end of a habit, a relationship or way o being, with a ritual of some kind.
  • Catching up with friends who really "went through it" with you.
  • Shedding an old skin -- purging clothes, or example.
  • Exploring "dark" themes that have always been taboo or you.
  • Enjoy a mystery, a ghost tale or detective story.
  • Detox through sweating -- wring yourself out.
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