How to Find Helvetica Fonts

Helvetica ships with Macs and is sold by Linotype

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Helvetica is a registered trademark of Linotype-Hell AG and its subsidiaries. 

First released in 1957 by Swiss type designer Max Miedinger, the name Helvetica is derived from Helvetia, the Latin name for Switzerland. The name was changed to Helvetica to make the font more marketable internationally. Additional weights were added by the Stempel foundry. Later, Merganthaler Linotype added new versions including Neue Helvetica, Helvetica CE (Central Europe) and Helvetica versions for languages other than English.

There are  many Helvetica font versions of both the original Helvetica and Neue Helvetica, which has version numbers to indicate weight.

Helvetica is a san serif font suitable for print and web use. Helvetica is one of most sought-after fonts out there, and it is the rare designer who doesn't already have at least the basic regular, italic, bold and bold italic versions. Helvetica ships with Mac computers and some software packages include it, but if you don't already have the font or if you need Helvetica narrow, light, rounded, compressed or any of the other variations of this font, you won't have any trouble finding it online.

Helvetica is particularly popular with website designers. Its clean, sans serif appearance, is easy to read and polished. It is less popular with print designers, who usually prefer the legibility of serif fonts for blocks of text that appear at a small size. 

Who Sells Helvetica Fonts

Linotype sells Helvetica including the original and the complete Neue Helvetica collection.

Explore the Linotype Library of Fonts to find the one you need. You can buy single fonts or the Helvetica complete family pack.

Monotype also once sold many versions of this font, which you could purchase individually or as a pack. Like other foundries, Monotype moved to a subscription basis with its fonts and licenses the font packs for a monthly fee.

Check the website for a version that contains Helvetica.

Although Adobe, Inc. used to include several forms of the original Helvetica and Helvetica Neue in its font library, the font is no longer offered for sale on the site, and it isn't included in the Adobe Typekit, which is available by subscription. 

However, you can purchase Helvetica from online sites such as, FontShop, MyFonts and Font Haus.

If a font that looks a lot like Helvetica will work for you, look for these Alternatives.