6 Things to Know When Picking a Family Reunion Location

Group toasting at table outside in a field.

Thomas Barwick/Stone/Getty Images

The ideal family reunion site is one which is accessible and affordable for the majority of the people you want to attend. It's a place where everyone can be comfortable and enjoy their time together. When choosing a location for your family reunion, there are some important things to consider.


Will the family reunion be just one day, an entire weekend, or a full week? If you're planning a short reunion, most people probably won't be as willing to travel long distances to attend. Select a location close to a majority of family members — possibly a neighborhood park, a family member's home, or a local hotel or restaurant. Longer gatherings, especially special "one-time" reunions, may warrant a more elaborate location such as a cruise, dude ranch, or family resort.


How far will guests have to travel to get to your reunion location? If a number of them will have to travel by air, consider holding your family reunion in an area convenient to a major airport. A location that's accessible and easy to find means that more people will likely attend.


Do you have people with limited mobility attending your reunion? Elderly relatives in wheelchairs or young children in strollers? Make sure that the location you choose will comfortably accommodate everyone who will attend. Children need safe, supervised areas in which to play, and seniors will welcome comfortable seating and nearby restrooms.


Cost — including rental fees, food, and parking fees — is a significant factor for most family reunions. Make sure that the location you choose fits into your budget, as well as that of your relatives. Many facilities offer group discounts and package deals for family reunions.


If your reunion is held in a setting that doesn't include overnight accommodations, make sure that a sufficient number of affordable rooms in local homes and hotels are available nearby.

Features and Activities

What attractions and activities does the reunion site and nearby area provide? Recreational activities such as boating, swimming, golf, and camping can be fun when incorporated into a family reunion. People attending from outside the area may enjoy a location with nearby museums, historic sites, amusement parks, sports facilities, and other attractions. Find a location that makes your reunion less of a meeting and more of a destination.

When choosing your location, be sure to ask about facilities such as parking, restrooms and, for outdoor reunions, alternatives in case of rain. To help with the legwork, don't be afraid to make use of local travel bureaus and chambers of commerce. Since they like to bring people to their area, they are usually more than happy to help you with location ideas, lodging and dining listings, and recreation and sightseeing opportunities.