Find Baseball Audio On Local Radio Stations, Online, On Satellite, and Podcasts

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Looking for radio coverage of your favorite baseball teams? There are several options for avid baseball fans.

Flagship Stations

For a list of flagship radio stations (AM and FM) that provide coverage of local teams, go to the Team Radio Flagships page at Listed you’ll find the call letters for each team’s home town station.

Flagship stations almost always have an affiliated network of geographically separate smaller stations that rebroadcast the "feed" or audio from the flagship station on game day.

To find out if there is a network station closer to you, contact the flagship station listed on this page and inquire.

Satellite Radio

In addition to live play-by-play coverage, SIRIUS XM offers baseball fans 24-hour coverage of the game on MLB Home Plate, the radio channel dedicated to covering Major League Baseball seven days a week.

Available to both XM and SIRIUS subscribers (XM channel 175, SIRIUS channel 210 with the “Best of XM” programming package), MLB Home Plate offers comprehensive radio coverage of the Major Leagues with a daily lineup of talk shows hosted by baseball experts and insiders like Cal Ripken Jr., Bill Ripken, Rob Dibble, Jim Duquette, Kevin Kennedy, Buck Martinez and others.

A schedule of upcoming MLB games on XM can be found at


Radio America is the home of “Talkin’ Baseball”, a two-hour radio show hosted by Tim Donner and heard every week.

To find a station near you or to listen online, visit

Minor League

The “MLB Radio Daily” Podcast"...includes original shows, breaking news, outspoken opinion, and insightful commentary." Radio offers "Minors Monday" with broadcasts of selected Minor League teams along with other complementary programming throughout the day including “Around the Minors With Mayo”, “Baseball Today”, “Stayin’ Hot With Seth and Bone”, and “Under the Lights”.

These programs are also archived. lets fans listen live to Minor League play around the country. For more information, visit its audio page.

More Options, More Podcasts

To find additional baseball Podcasts available for subscription, visit the baseball section of

If you love baseball, these starting points should give you a great edge in finding all the audio you want to enjoy the game to the fullest.