Where to Find Broadway Discounts Online

See a Broadway show without breaking the bank


If you're like me, you love seeing Broadway shows, but you don't love the proscenium-high Broadway ticket prices. There's no question that theater tickets are expensive. However, there are almost always discount codes available for nearly any show on Broadway.

Now, in all honesty, you're unlikely to score cheap tickets for HamiltonThe Book of Mormon, Wicked or The Lion Kingno matter how much searching you do.

The biggest hits don't need to offer discounts, because there are plenty of people who are wiling to pay full price. 

But the vast majority of Broadway shows have discounts available -- and you won't even have to wait in line at TKTS. Here's a selection of Web sites that offer discounts for shows on the Great White Way. Some of them require you to sign up for a membership, but it's usually free to join. And some of them will even let you help someone else out in the process. 

TodayTix - This one is relatively new, but it really seems to be catching on. TodayTix is an app for your iPhone or Android device that allows you to buy theater tickets ahead of time or at the last minute. It's easy to use and covers pretty much all the most popular shows in New York. You can even enter ticket lotteries for really inexpensive tickets on the day of the show. They also have a concierge service in which someone from TodayTix will hand-deliver your tickets to you in front of the theater.

The only drawback is that you can't always choose your exact seats, which is why I usually wind up using BroadwayBox. 

BroadwayBox - Whenever I'm looking for cheap tickets, BroadwayBox is the first place I check. Unlike some of the other sites listed here, BroadwayBox is all about the discounts. In fact, it's the reason they exist.

They also have a handy, easy-to-use iPhone app for when you're on the road and have an impulse to see a show. 

TheaterMania - TheaterMania is primarily a theater-news website, but they also serve as a ticketing agency to many Off-Broadway and regional theaters. So, they have a fairly comprehensive listing of theater discounts, both in New York City and for many other cities around the country, which is great for those of us who love theater but don't live in the Tri-State Area. 

Playbill - In addition to providing news and features about Broadway theater and beyond, Playbill.com also has a robust listing of show discounts, available for those who sign up for a free membership in their Playbill Club. You'll also have access to tons of features, news items, and other cool items on Playbill's general website. It's really the best site for theater mavens who want to stay informed.   

Broadway Roulette - Here's a relatively recent entry into the discount-ticket arena. Broadway Roulette offers theatergoers heavily discounted tickets -- every ticket is under $45 -- but there's a catch: you pick the date, but they pick the show. Sort of like Priceline, but for theater tickets. If you're flexible about what you want to see, this is a fun way to take your chances and get to see a Broadway show at a bargain price.

You can specify whether you'd prefer see a musical or a play, and you can select from a list of shows that you want excluded from the process: shows that you've seen before or aren't interested in. 

Givenik - Givenik is a great way to see a show at a discount, but also steer a little cash toward a good cause. When you buy tickets through Givenik, 5% of the purchase price goes to the charity of your choice. Eligible organizations include everything from Off-Broadway theater companies to healthcare charities to socially progressive nonprofits. They also feature group rates, generally for groups of ten or more, and again 5% goes to charity. 

Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation - OK, I'm sort of cheating with this one, because the Damon Runyon Foundation doesn't offer discount tickets. In fact, they offer premium-priced tickets, but the proceeds go to cancer research.

So, if you're dead set on seeing a particular show (and they have everything, including HamiltonThe Book of Mormon, Wicked, and The Lion King), and you'd like to contribute to a very worthy cause in the process, you can buy your tickets through Damon Runyon and feel that much better about your theater-going experience. Ticket prices are generally about twice the face value, with half of that going directly to cancer research. Which is so much more satisfying than going through a scalper or a ticket broker. And cheaper, too.