Where to Sell Your Online Class

If you want to start your own online class and get paid for it outside of traditional academia, there are a lot of startups offering potential teachers an easy way to get started without the upfront costs of programming and promoting. Many of these online teaching platforms take a cut of the incoming tuition money rather than charging instructors up front.

Here are some of the most popular online teaching platforms for would-be instructors:

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If you’re excited about video lessons, Udemy is the place for you. This online teaching platform offers courses on just about every subject, but tech-related topics tend to be the most successful. Teachers create a post video lectures, screencasts, and lecture notes for their students to begin studying at any time. Udemy requires that the majority of the course content be in video format, so be prepared with a webcam or screen capturing software. You can offer a course for free or set your tuition costs; Udemy takes a percentage of the costs depending on how the course was marketed. Not all courses are successful, but Udemy reports that a quarter of instructors earn at least $10,000 annually and some instructors are able to earn a six figure income from their courses. More »
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WizIQ is an online teaching platform that offers a lot of flexibility and interactivity. Teachers can use features like chat, shared white boards, virtual libraries, attendance reporting, course statistics, quizzes / question banks and more. This is likely a better choice for teachers that want ongoing interactions with each incoming group of students rather than those that want to create classes that essentially run themselves. Teachers pay upfront for the service through an annual or monthly charge based on the number of students and features they would like to include. More »
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This video-only platform allows instructors to sell instructional videos and video clips. Topics include just about anything including learning how to play Craps, Home Cooking Dog Food with the Crock Pot, and Basic English Grammar. Instructors pay an upfront monthly fee as well as a percentage of the sale of each video. Instructors choose the price of each video, but most seem to be sold for between $2 and $15. More »
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Through Litmos, instructors are able to set up their own online courses using a variety of tools like Flash interactives, videos, audio, PowerPoint, and more. The teaching platform takes care of all of the backend work such as student registration, analytics, and tracking. As an added bonus, all of the courses are formatted to be compatible with mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Instructors pay a monthly fee based on the package they select plus other fees for adding additional students. More »
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Digital Chalk

If you love features and flash, Digital Chalk might be the right choice for you. This learning management system allows instructors to set up their own courses and easily integrate a variety of content types including audio segments, video clips, quizzes, and assignments. It also seamlessly integrates with SCORM content. Digital Chalk is one of the more pricy options. Instructors pay a one-time up-front fee of at least several hundred dollars. They also pay a per-delivery fee for each student that enrolls.
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Odijoo allows anyone to create a no-cost course for free. Instructors have access to a variety of tools including group discussions, news postings, quizzes, modules, file hosting, and certificate creation. When courses are listed for sale, Odijoo takes a 10% commission from the student tuition fees.
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How to Get Started

If you think that one of these options might be the best choice for you, the next step is to polish your online teaching skills, make sure that your topic is monetize-able, and learn how to market your newly created content. Take a look at How to Make Money Teaching Online to set yourself on the path to online teaching success.

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