How to Watch the Daytime Emmy Awards

Host a viewing party for family and friends who aren't tech-savvy

Billy Flynn and Jen Lilley
Billy Flynn and Jen Lilley. Courtesy: Getty Images/Earl Gibson III

One of the most anticipated days of the year for fans of daytime TV and soap operas is the Daytime Emmy Awards. Held in late April or early May, the awards show has been a showcase for the best daytime actors, actresses, and TV shows for over 40 years.

Recently, this popular awards show has not been aired on live TV. Whether or not that will change is to be seen. However, the producers have been very good at streaming it live online and archiving the shows on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Let's find out how you can watch your favorite stars on the Daytime Emmy Awards.

How to Live Stream the Daytime Emmy Awards

The Daytime Emmy Awards are hosted by The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS). You will find that the Academy's website is a great place to find the latest updates about the show. It will tell you who's hosting this year, how to watch the show, and has the full list of winners after the show. You can also watch the full broadcast from the most recent year right there.

Mark your calendars to look for information about this year's show around the beginning of April. That's when they typically announce the date and time for the live stream. 

To make sure you don't miss the announcement, follow the Daytime Emmys accounts on Twitter (@DaytimeEmmys) or Facebook (@DaytimeEmmyAwards). These are also two great places where you can live stream the show while it's happening.

How to Watch Archives of the Daytime Emmys

If you can't catch the show while it's live streaming, you can easily watch an archived version after it airs. To do so right away, simply go to the Daytime Emmy Awards Twitter feed or Facebook page and find the live stream post. You can watch the entire show from there.

After a few days, the broadcast will be uploaded to YouTube as well. For instance, the 2017 Daytime Emmys were posted on May 3rd when the show was taped on April 30th. Give it about a week before you can find it on YouTube.

A few of the previous years are still available if you want to relive a favorite moment. You can also subscribe to the official Emmy Awards YouTube channel.

Why Did the Daytime Emmys Quit Regular TV?

If you miss watching the Daytime Emmys the traditional way, you are not alone. Millions of people watch daytime television, many have been dedicated to soap operas for decades, and not everyone can watch online programming.

There were many complaints about this switch to an online-only broadcast after it was announced in 2016. The 2015 ceremony was the last to appear on traditional TV. It was broadcast on Pop, a cable channel that not every cable provider offers.

While Pop was willing to continue the broadcast, NATAS senior vice president David Michaels said in an interview with TV Insider that it was simply a matter of money. As a non-profit, the organization could not cover the costs for a traditional production and scaling back the production would not have done much to reduce the high price tag.

The lower cost of the online-only production was the next viable option.

Of course, this is not the best scenario for some daytime TV watchers, especially older viewers. It may, however, be the new reality for the Daytime Emmys.

Host a Viewing Party

If you have a family member, friend, or neighbor who is not tech-savvy or cannot watch the ceremony online, consider helping them out. It may be as simple as inviting your mother or aunt over to watch the archived version on your own TV where you can hook up a computer or tablet.

Another fun idea is to host an intimate viewing party. Invite a few people who you know love daytime TV and stream the ceremony live or at a later time. Sharing gossip, stories, and tea with light snacks can make watching the show a great experience.