Comedy Comeback: Which Network Is Ruling The Sitcom World Today?

ABC, CBS, NBC or FOX which network is the king of comedy today?


 TV Comedy is making a comeback! For years drama and sci-fi have ruled the television world. Thankfully over the past few years, TV sitcoms have started taking over the airwaves once again. It is a dog eat dog world out there in TV land and with a slew of television networks to choose from, which one is ruling the comedy world today?

20 or even 30 years ago NBC, ABC and CBS were the only networks fighting it out for comedy viewers, as well as who had the #1 comedy on TV.

Today not only have the way of viewing comedies changed but so has the number of networks where sitcom comedy fans can find their fix.

Now with cable television, online streaming and on demand, the possibilities for viewers to watch a good comedy TV are endless. The fact that fans can now get their comedy fix so many different ways brings us to the question, who is ruling the sitcom world today? Is it ABC, is it Netflix or TBS, again the possibilities are endless. However that does not mean that that there is not clear winner in terms of which networks is currently ruling the sitcom world today.

Lets take a look at who is killing it in the sitcom world right now. CBS is still a front-runner in the comedy game, especially with The Big Bang Theory that has literally been #1 for years. However with the uncertainty of how long The Big Bang Theory will still be on air, what CBS has done well is introduce new sitcom blood in its line-up.

Mom, Life in Pieces and 2 Broke Girls have all become hits for the network but to date none of them have become hits like The Big Bang Theory or Two and A Half Men. Now that Mike & Molly is on its last season and The Big Bang Theory is likely on its way out, it will be interesting to see just how well CBS can rebound.

The network has always been more drama driven the comedy but has still managed to have a handful of hit comedies on at any given time.

CBS may have the #1 comedy on television right now but ABC has a solid night of comedy that can’t be missed. The Middle, The Goldberg’s, Modern Family and Blackish are all not only bona fide hits for the network but are also must watch night of shows. That is a rare thing in todays world with DVRs and on demand, however these shows are talked about the next day, so if you don’t want them night off you are going to be left out in the cold. Along with its Wednesday night comedy line-up, ABC is also doing well on Friday nights with Last Man Standing and Dr. Ken. Friday nights have always been a staple for ABC comedy, remember TGIF.  Tuesday nights are quickly becoming a comedic night for ABC with Fresh Off The Boat and The Real O’Neals that are both breakout hits for the networks. That is three nights of pretty awesome sitcoms for ABC, not too bad at all.

Although NBC used to be the comedy king back in the 80’s and 90’s with the must see comedy Thursday night, those days are long gone. In fact before the recent comedy Superstore and The Carmichael Show hit the network, the Peacock network has been struggling to find its way back into the comedy world.

NBC has not had a real sitcom hit in years, pretty much since Friends and Frasier went off the air almost 12 years ago. Yes the network has had some sitcoms on air since then like About A Boy, Whitney, Undateable and Community none of these shows have gained fan success that NBC once had. Hopefully Superstore, The Carmichael Show and Crowded can help the Peacock network find a glimpse of sitcom genius that it used to have.

FOX Network has had success in the comedy genre from the beginning, Married With Children helped launch the network. Plus Family Guy and The Simpsons have been staples on the network with for years. However despite the networks success, when you think comedy FOX network does not really come to mind. Despite some comedies like New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Grinder adding new life to the networks comedy line up, when one thinks of FOX comedy does not seem to come to mind.

When the network FOX is brought one thinks reality shows like American Idol and hit dramas like Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, as well as Empire and Gotham.

There are a number of cable networks that have found success in the comedy arena. TBS, FX, Freeform are just three networks that have had popular sitcoms. Even though these networks have put their best foot forward so to speak, each has yet to find shows that will take them to the next level. Perhaps it is because cable networks have fewer episodes or on different schedule but when you are looking for a laugh ABC, NBC and CBS are still the networks that fans turn to. That may change soon with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon serving up binge watching viewing but for now the big three are still the go to for comedy.

All of that being said based on what is on air today and who has had the best comedy shows over the past five years, ABC is clearly ruling the comedy world. In fact it is safe to call the alphabet network the king of comedy. CBS runs a close second but ABC has the most sitcoms that have been successful over the years. ABC has had continually produced successful and must see sitcoms for the last couple of decades. There does not seem to be any end in sight for ABC ruling the sitcom world, the network seems to have a successful formula for producing stellar comedies.

Do you agree or disagree that ABC is ruling the comedy world today?