Which Pharaoh Built the Great Pyramid?

A Pharaoh Phalls for a Pyramid

Pyramids at Giza
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Question: Whose Pyramid Was the Great Pyramid?

Answer: The Great Pyramid at Giza received its name for its absolutely massive size (hey, the bigger the pyramid, the better the pharaoh, right)? But which king from the Old Kingdom ordered this massive monument constructed? The lucky lad in question was Pharaoh Khufu, also known by later Greek sources as "Cheops," who ruled from about 2589 to 2566 B.C.

Khufu ordered the biggest pyramid of them all, bringing in 2.3 million stone blocks to create a building 756 feet long on either side and 450 feet high. The Greek historian Herodotus says that Khufu "plunged into all manner of wickedness" once he ascended the throne, conscripting the Egyptians into a labor to build his pyramid. "A hundred thousand men labored constantly, and were relieved every three months by a fresh lot," Herodotus adds. How true this account is, though, is debatable; for example, the probably false idea that slaves constructed the pyramids started with Herodotus.

Khufu also created a ritual complex around it to make this a truly special resting place. Khufu's Great Pyramid was an improvement on his dad Snefru's Bent Pyramid, which has a weird angle at the top. 

-Edited by Carly Silver