Which Ping-Pong Paddle Should I Buy?

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Question: Which Ping-Pong Paddle Should I Buy?

I am getting reintroduced to table tennis and am trying to decide on a bat/paddle to buy. Years ago I owned a STIGA with MARK V rubber and liked both the company and the rubber. Years have gone by and I would like to get some recommendations for both bat and rubber. I don't play competitively but would call myself an aggressive attacker who uses a "shake hands" grip style of bat.

Can you refer me to any lists of most popular:

  1. blades
  2. "attack" rubber (good quality)

Answer: Hi David, Welcome back to table tennis! As it so happens, I've got a few lists that should help you out. As a player just coming back to the sport, I'd recommend paying especial attention to the lists of best beginner blades, and best beginner rubbers - the blades and rubbers recommended there will probably be sufficient for the next few years. If you plan to get more serious, then the lists of classic table tennis blades and classic table tennis rubbers are also worth taking a look at. I've also included my Guide to Choosing Your First Ping-Pong Paddle, since it has some good general information in there that you might find helpful in deciding what you need.

Hope you find these useful,
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