Which States Have Lottery Scholarships?

If you live in one of these states, take advantage of the opportunity

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Whether or not you play the lottery, you might be a winner. Lottery games in some states fund scholarships for students of all ages, including non-traditional students.

Most lottery scholarships have certain student requirements, of course. These requirements vary widely and change occasionally, so rather than include specifics that could become outdated quickly, you will find a list of the states that offer lottery scholarships and point you to the state websites that offer complete info.

The smartest students apply for many scholarships, and if their grades are good, they can fund their entire college experience with scholarships. Where do they find them? In lots of places, including in their own communities.

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In Arkansas, the lottery scholarship program is called the Academic Challenge Scholarship. It's fairly new, started in 2010, and the state has been diligent about modifying the program to benefit the most students in the fairest way.

In 2013, the program was changed to encourage students to stay in school by increasing the dollar amount awarded over a four-year period, beginning with $2,000 for freshmen and ending with $5,000 for seniors. Non-traditional students are a big segment of scholarship winners in Arkansas, winning $23 million in scholarships during the 2010-2011 school year.

The Academic Challenge Scholarship is managed by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education or ADHE. You'll find details on its website.

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The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program is open to eligible non-traditional students, so be sure to check out the requirements. You'll find information on the Bright Futures page of the website for the Florida Department of Education, Office of Student Financial Assistance, and in their Bright Futures brochure.

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The lottery scholarship program in Georgia is called HOPE, standing for Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally. The program funds several scholarships, including the HOPE Scholarship, HOPE Grant, Zell Miller Scholarship, and HOPE GED Grant. The requirements vary. Check the GAFutures website for details.

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The Kentucky lottery funds four financial aid programs, including the College Access Program (CAP) Grant, the Kentucky Tuition Grant (KTG), the merit-based Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) program and the KHEAA Teacher Scholarship, all managed by the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA). Start on the joint KHEAA and Kentucky Lottery website for information.

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New Mexico

Adult students in New Mexico can benefit from the New Mexico Lottery, Benefiting New Mexico's Future if they enroll immediately after receiving a GED or military discharge. Other requirements may also apply. You can find more in-depth information on the New Mexico Legislature Lottery Scholarship FAQ page.

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South Carolina

The South Carolina Education Lottery funds several scholarships managed by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. There are several places to go for information. Start with the commission, where you'll find a list of the scholarships, which have varying eligibility requirements. You will also find some info in an online brochure called The Lottery and Educational Opportunities for South Carolinians. Also, check out the program called South Carolina Can Go to College (or SC CAN for short).

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Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship Programs, managed by the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation, do not appear to be available to adult students, but things change, so if you're a non-traditional student in Tennessee, check on opportunities every once in a while. The motto in Tennessee is "College Pays: We can get you there." — and that might mean you. You can find further information on the Lottery Scholarship page of the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation website.

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West Virginia

The West Virginia PROMISE Scholarship is funded by the West Virginia lottery. PROMISE stands for Providing Real Opportunities for Maximizing Instate Student Excellence. It doesn't appear to be available to non-traditional students, but check it out. It can never hurt to ask. You'll find further information on the PROMISE scholarship at College Foundation of West Virginia, at The West Virginia Encyclopedia, and on the West Virginia Lottery website.

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