Whittier College GPA, SAT and ACT Data

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Whittier College GPA, SAT and ACT Graph

Whittier College GPA, SAT Score and ACT Score Data for Admission
Whittier College GPA, SAT Score and ACT Score Data for Admission. Data Courtesy of Cappex

Located just half an hour from downtown Los Angeles, Whittier College has moderately selective admissions. Roughly a third of all applicants to this small liberal arts college will not be admitted, and successful applicants tend to have grades and standardized test scores that are average or better. In the graph above, the green and blue data points represent students who were admitted. Accepted students tended to have combined SAT scores (RW+M) of 950 or higher, an ACT composite score of 18 or higher, and an unweighted high school grade point average of a "B" or better. You notice that a few students were admitted with grades and scores below these ranges, and a few did not get in with grades and scores that were higher. This seeming discrepancies exist because admission to Whittier College is not a mathematical equation. The school has holistic admissions and works to evaluate the whole applicant.

Whittier College, along with hundreds of other colleges, uses the Common Application. According to the Whittier admissions website, the college looks at every applicant's coursework including four years of English, two or more years of a foreign language, and three or more years of math, science, and social science. The admissions folks look at the rigor of your high school courses, not just your grades. Success in AP, IB, Honors, and Dual Enrollment courses can play an important role in your application since they work well to demonstrate your college readiness.

The college also looks for well rounded students, so involvement in meaningful extracurricular activities plays a role in the admissions decision. Whether you will contribute to the school's NCAA Division III athletic programs, or you have an interest in music, drama, government, or some other extracurricular area, the admissions folks will be looking for applicants who will enrich the campus community.

Be sure to use the Common Application essay to present a facet of your personality and/or interests, and choose your recommenders carefully--pick people who know you well and can speak about your ability to succeed in college. Whittier requires at least two letters of recommendation: one from your counselor and one from a teacher. The school also welcomes further recommendations from a teacher, coach, and/or employer.

Finally, don't underestimate the importance of demonstrated interest. Whittier, like all colleges, prefers to admit students who are familiar with the school and are likely to attend if accepted. Whittier encourages applicants to visit campus, take a campus tour, and meet with an admissions counselor.

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