Who Are the Archangels?

Archangels Michael and Gabriel
Archangels Michael and Gabriel (12th century). Orthodox icon at the Saint Catherine's Monastery, Mount Sinai. Pubic Domain. Courtesy of WIkipedia

Question: Who Are the Archangels?

Who are the archangels and how are they different from angels?

Answer: The word angel means 'messenger' and describes the occupation of the angels. Archangels are head angels. According to St. Gregory the Great, there are 9 orders of angels, which St. Thomas, in his Summa Theologia, divides into 3 groups:

  1. Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones;
  2. The Dominations, Virtues, and Powers;
  1. The Principalities, Archangels, and Angels.

The apocryphal 1Enoch 20 lists the archangels as:

  • Uriel,
  • Raphael,
  • Raguel,
  • Sariel,
  • Gabriel, and
  • Remiel

The militaristic Michael is counted by many as an archangel and is mentioned in Book of Revelation Chapter 12 as well as in the Book of Daniel.

Main source: Catholic Encyclopedia - Angels.

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