Who Invented the Snowblower?

Canadian Arthur Sicard invented the snowblower in 1925.

Snow blower in blizzard
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Canadian inventor, Arthur Sicard invented the snowblower in 1925. The Montreal based inventor sold his first, "Sicard Snow Remover Snowblower" to the nearby town of Outremont in 1927.

The First Snowblower - "Sicard Snow Remover Snowblower"

The invention consisted of three sections; a four-wheel drive truck chassis and truck motor, the snow scooping section, and the snow blower with two adjustable chutes and separate motor.
The snowblower allowed the driver to clear and throw snow over 90 feet away from the truck or directly into the back of the truck and it worked on hard, soft or packed snow.

Arthur Sicard - Inventor of the Snowblower

Arthur Sicard was born in Saint-Léonard-de-Port-Maurice, Quebec on December 17, 1876. He died on September 13, 1946.

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