Who is Bobby Bones?

Bobby Bones. Screenshot: BobbyBones.com

"I have the biggest country morning show in the USA. I have no idea how it happened either. I also talk sports on Fox Sports Radio. I do selfies w my dog." - Bobby Bones, Twitter

Welcome to the world of Bobby Bones, a rising radio star who seems at times just as surprised at his success as anyone else.

Bobby Bones, namesake for The Bobby Bones Show, is a radio personality who is based in Nashville, Tennessee and works out of his flagship station, 98 WSIX-FM.

The Bobby Bones Show is broadcast 5 - 10 a.m. weekday mornings and is currently syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks, which is owned by Clear Channel Media & Entertainment.

The Bobby Bones Show is the fastest growing Country-formatted morning radio show in America and is now heard on over 60 Clear Channel radio stations and iHeartRadio as well. A rolling replay of each day’s program can also be heard on iHeartRadio.

Some Bones Bio

Bones, originally from Hot Springs, Arkansas, has been in radio since he was 17. His real name is Bobby Estell and he was born April 2, 1980. Bones has a Radio/TV degree from Henderson State University.

According to an article by Emily Yahr in The Washington Post, “Bones might seem like a controversial choice. He’s known as a wild card who is not afraid of ‘going rogue’ when interviewing top singers and is frequently accused of being ‘not country enough.’ But Clear Channel believes he’s a star and has tapped him as a key figure in their push into syndicated country music programming.”  

Other Show Cast

Amy is a co-host on the program. She came from A&M University and spent time in sales before meeting Bobby at a restaurant and moving into radio. Amy is conservative and married to a pilot in the Air Force.

“Lunchbox” is another co-host. He has been in radio for over a decade and the story goes Bobby “…found him at a bar.” According to his official bio, “Lunchbox is a bar rat who loves drinking and taking shots with his friends and hot chicks.

He can also be found on local lakes tearing up the water on his Jet Ski and one day hopes to own a hot tub boat.”

Eddie is the show’s Digital Content Producer. He has a background in TV and photography and a degree in Radio/Television & Film. Eddie hails from south Texas and is married with one child at this writing.

Alayna is the Executive Producer of The Bobby Bones Show. Originally from Venezuela, she went to college in the U.S. and joined Bones as an intern while still in school. In 2006, she became the program’s Assistant Producer, then Network Producer, and finally Executive Producer since 2012. Her duties including maintaining BobbyBones.com and she also creates the games for the show.  

Ray produces all three of Bobby’s shows. He was born in Salt Lake City but grew up in Saratoga, Wyoming.

Bones is Busy

Besides his syndicated morning show, Bobby Bones is also host of the Country Top 30 with Bobby Bones, heard weekends nationwide. Bones also is co-host of Roddick and Bones on FOX Sports Radio. It airs Saturdays from 1 – 4 p.m. ET on about 300 radio stations.

Podcasts of The Bobby Bones Show are available at the program’s website

You can find Bobby Bones on Facebook or Twitter.

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