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Reader Question: How do I find out the name of my guardian angel and best way to communicate with them?

Response from Eileen - As you continue to work with your angels and strengthen the connection with them, you will get names. That comes with time so be patient. You see, angels really don't need "names" but will give us on Earth something for us to identify them with.

I will tell you something that angels and guides tell me about names.

They don't like to give their names to someone giving a reading for you. They want you to figure out their names on your own. Why? Because they say it is a special moment between the two of you, and it usually comes through only when you have been working to connect with them more and more. So they would rather have it happen that way.

Common Ways People Receive Intuitive Messages

Everyone has intuitive gifts, although everyone is wired to receive them in a different way. So let's figure out how you are wired to hear your angel's messages. Many people receive messages in a combination of ways but one will be strongest. What I refer to as The Four "Claires" (clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizant, and Clairsentient) are the most common ways people receive messages.

Some people have been at this for years and feel they never received a name. It may be that you are not in tune with the way you are "wired" to receive your guidance.

Be open and aware of all of the different ways that your angels may be trying to communicate with you.

For example: You may be feeling the vibration of their name and not an actual verbal name. They have been sending you their calling card but because you have been so busy waiting for an actual verbal name you missed their message.

I have all four "claires" with claircognizance being the strongest. Because of this and because I had been working on strengthening the connection to the Higher Realms for a while I did get my guide's name along with seeing and hearing her. Also, my guide Alonya gave me very gentle and subtle electrical chills up my spine the first time I meditated to really connect with her. Since then, she lets me know she is around by these physical sensations.

When communicating with angels be sure to quiet you mind. Being out in nature, gardening and slow, rhythmic physical movement are a few examples of things you can do. Other ways are mediating to music and guided meditations. Basically whatever suits you while helping to still your busy mind. Just simply talk to them and always ask them to help you build the connection. They want you to give them that kind of "homework" because they cannot build the connection unless you give them permission to.

Prayer and Meditation

They say praying is talking to God and meditation is listening. I would agree with that.

In another Q&A I discuss ways to figure out how you are "wired" and ways to fine tune your gifts to hear your angels (see Communicating with Your Angel).

Walk in beauty and may Grace be on your path, Eileen Smith - Angel Intuitive

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