Who selects the Supreme Court justices?

Question: Who selects the Supreme Court justices?

Answer: It is a two-step process to become a Supreme Court justice.

  1. The president nominates an individual to the Supreme Court when an opening occurs.
    • Typically, the president picks someone from their own party.
    • The president usually picks someone who agrees with their judicial philosophy of either judicial restraint or judicial activism.
    • The president might also choose someone of a varied background in order to bring a greater degree of balance to the court.
  1. The Senate confirms the presidential appointment with a majority vote.
    • While it is not a requirement, the nominee typically testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee before being confirmed by the full Senate.
    • Rarely is a Supreme Court nominee forced to withdraw or rejected. Only 20 individuals have withdrawn or been rejected with last being Harriet Miers in 2005.